About Athennian

We make legal work less work.

Athennian is on a mission to improve the software user experience of legal work for everyone, including paralegals, clerks, customers, tax, finance and lawyers.

Our Values

Diligent Builders

We show up with sharp pencils and are not afraid to grind down to the most granular of details to make sure what we produce is the highest quality work.

Focused Creatives

It’s the ability to constantly reimagine how things should be while solving painful and relevant problems. Together we strive to escape our assumptions.

Ambitious Learners

Shoot for mars, the moon is too close. When we work as a team we enable the best leader in each situation whether it's an employee, customer or partner.

Leadership Team

Zach Kent

SDR Manager

Molly Greville

Demand Generation Coordinator

GianMarco Del Rosario

Athennian Team

Jordan Rindahl

Product Manager

Nick Jones

Public Relations Manager

Kirsten Hansen

Delivery Success Manager

Kyle Marks

Product Support Manager

Shane Fast

Security & DevOps

Adrian Camara

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Malate

Chief Finance Officer

Duane Wood

Head of Engineering
Careers at Athennian

Want to disrupt one of the oldest professions in the world?

Legal is one of the oldest professions in the world and has barely changed in thousands of years. Help us re-wire legal to make it more user friendly for everyone.
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A few things we're thinking about

We're focused on making legal work less work. Our articles and research cover a variety of topics we think are important.

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