Athennian Software for Accounting Firms to Optimize Their Entity Management

Using Spreadsheets To Manage Entities And Transactions Is Frustrating.

As an accountant that provides services to businesses, corporations, and other organizations, your clients rely on you to provide peace of mind, expert advice, and assistance in navigating their day to day transactions. With Athennian’s robust features, accounting teams can streamline approvals and reduce errors.

Effectively Organize Your Client Data

Keep client and company information in one place so you can easily and instantly generate common documents, improve collaboration, and ultimately offer a superior client experience in the cloud.

Athennian manages over 112,000 total
. You can't do that in spreadsheets.

Accountants use Athennian every single day. We have over 1200 active users every month.

Legal professionals run our online chat and customer support.

Entity management choice for modern accounting departments across Canada and the US.

Accounting teams love the platform. We're scored 4.7/5 on Capterra.

Demonstrate More Value To Your Clients

Get Paid Faster and Collect More

Sticking with manual entry for entity management risks putting your clients at a disadvantage. Beyond the time delay of manual entry itself, broken links in spreadsheets, compromised data and human error prove to be very costly. Efficiently package and economize entity management with Athennian.

Track Every Billable Task - From Anywhere

Review important dates, communication, notes and documents for work that has yet to be completed. Quickly identify the next task to be done, assign team members to tasks, and see which tasks are overdue at a glance.

Optimize Your Operations

Emailing spreadsheets back and forth is not a real-time exchange. This leads to miscommunication and errors, causing delays and headaches especially when due dates are near. Stay on top of your annual resolutions with Athennian’s task management and document automation features.

Make Share Transactions A Breeze

Manage records and update share transactions easily and securely. Simplify tax planning and preparation, and accelerate period closings without having to hire external talent.

Moving To The Cloud: Scale Your Entities, Without Scaling Your Overhead

You likely already encounter the cloud daily - at work and at home. When you make edits to a file in Google Docs, you use the cloud. When you upload documents to Dropbox and share them with colleagues, you store them in the cloud. Your team can utilize the cloud to scale your entities without scaling your overhead.

Collaborate From Anywhere

Share virtual minute books and corporate information with remote colleagues or external law firms to better support transactions. Manage your firm’s workload more efficiently with standardized document templates, minute books, and other resources in real-time.

Manage Client Data Effectively 

Provide clear status updates to clients and internal teams, pull custom reports, and find the answers you need in seconds. Cloud-based legal tech facilitates collaboration and database visibility, regardless of where your team is located.

Demonstrate More Value To Your Clients

Demonstrate value to your clients by responding to requests quickly and reporting on progress easily. Identify areas of improvement by managing your department’s tasks and activity across different types of projects.

Innovation Happens In The Cloud

Athennian is updated every week with bug fixes and new features based on user feedback. Easily submit ideas for feature updates without leaving Athennian, and our product team is immediately notified.

Improve Security & Reduce IT Costs 

Cloud platforms offer the most rigorous security protocols with servers and failsafes tested and certified to the highest standards. Athennian is SOC 2 Type II certified to give financial executives and clients peace of mind.

Easy Onboarding, Fast Adoption

Athennian's team of dedicated data specialists can confidently move your data to the cloud - from outdated databases to spreadsheets, we’ve seen it all. Once you upgrade to Athennian, you can get more done on your own, with your team, and across your organization. Here’s what you can expect:

Step One: Discovery

Athennian Data Specialists are experts in data migration, but you’re the expert of your own data. We’ll host collaborative workshops with your team and complete and field mapping activities.

Step Two: Data Verification

Review your data in a test environment to verify accuracy before going live to make sure the platform is as you expect.

Step Three: Go-Live

Login to your computer, open Athennian and access your workspace securely via single sign-on. When you migrate with Athennian, you’ll experience minimal disruption.

Key Features

Discover why Athennian is the leading software choice for accounting firms.

Integrations: Do More In One Workspace

Athennian is more than just a database - it's a collaborative workspace. Whether you want to get approvals signed faster, templates that auto-populate, or work with team members in real-time, Athennian is the first choice software for accounting firms like yours.

Corporate E-File

Documents are transferred through a secure connection, with no need to wait on a courier or stand in line for incorporations and annual compliance. Stop wasting time waiting for files to reflect the addition of new documents - Athennian will immediately update when new documents are filed.

Custom Reports

Save all reports you create, and come back to modify them at any time. Share your reports with colleagues or clients, or export them and use the data in any way you want.

Virtual Minute Book

Provide clients with the answers they need in 5 minutes or less. Athennian’s customizable virtual minute books allow you to organize documents the way you want them, minimizing disruption. Search, share, edit and download virtual minute books with 1 click, and give edit access to external law firms so they can better support you.

Visual Org Charts

Easily restructure and visualize different types of entities you manage. Track company history and improve decision-making through intuitive org charts.

In-App Live Chat

Not only is our support team dedicated to your success - they are also legal professionals who understand the unique challenges you face. Athennian is the only entity management platform with an online live chat.

Feedback Center

Share and vote on new feature ideas to improve usability and functionality. You’re the expert in how you work - we want your voice to be heard.


How much does Athennian cost?

Athennian believes in empowering your entire team to collaborate together. That is why Athennian is priced per entity managed, instead of per user.

Why Athennian?

Athennian's cloud-based platform allows you and your team to work smarter, not harder. We listen to you and update our product every week with bug fixes and new features.

Give your law firm a competitive edge with e-file abilities in British Columbia and Ontario with more to come. Equip your team with an entity management platform that compliments, supports and empowers your legal team.

How does data migration work? 

Our team of expert data specialists and paralegals work with your team to ensure that your data is migrated quickly and seamlessly. We provide training for your team so that you can move forward with confidence in your new database. Don't let data migration hold you back - the benefits you'll experience in Athennian are worth it.

How do we start the transition process?

We'll make it easy. Join a demo today.

Expand rapidly without growing your accounting team. 

When you join a demo, our team will uncover your specific needs and business challenges, and put together a plan of action for your accounting firm.

Don’t let spreadsheets hold you back.

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