Professional Services

We offer the below professional services in strategic areas to help our customers get the most out of Athennian.


Athennian's data migration team has experience converting data from a variety of legacy entity management systems as well as from spreadsheets and hard copy. Athennian’s team of data specialists will work with your entity data through collaborative workshops and iterations to ensure your data is migrated to the appropriate fields. 

In the event that data cannot be automatically migrated from your existing system, we work with you to migrate data manually using a cost effective human resoures solution.


Our data validation and testing guidelines are designed to ensure that your data is migrated seamlessly without or with minimal data loss on conversion.

To get started, take our Data Assessment Survey to start planning your migration now. 


Athennian's document assembly or automtion engine allows your team to generate any corporate or tax document to a signature-ready state in one click. We do this by writing programming language into your Word document templates that pulls data from the database and presents it in the document according to your specifications.


While we do offer self-help resources such as documentation and our Word Add-In available in the Microsoft Appsource store, we do find that most customers prefer us to code their documents.

Document coding services are offered at $150 USD / hour.


Work with our engineering team to add custom fields, tasks, integrations into other systems and other workflows specific to your business and jurisdictions.

Software integration services are offered at $150 USD / hour.

Work with our services team to design and build custom reports so that the data you need is presented in the correct format everytime.

Custom reports services are offered at $150 USD / hr.