Managing Equity

Make Equity Management Effortless With Athennian

As an equity management organization, your clients’ legacies are in your hands. Athennian helps you manage equity so that you can focus on creating the best possible plan for your clients.

Keep Equity and Asset Management Organized


Keep important client details on hand and easily accessible. Track and report changes in ownership in seconds.

No More Non-Compliance

Work in compliance with regulatory standards using Athennian’s straightforward and intuitive platform. Scale your entities and profit - it’s a win-win.

Focus On
Billable Time

Update documents, communicate with stakeholders, consult with the board of directors, and improve decision making. Athennian helps you with the moving parts of entity management so you can focus on clients.

Explore Athennian's Equity Management

Manage Equity Planning Effortlessly

Keep track of all the details you need for equity and asset management for your clients.

Connect Your Favorite Tools To Athennian

Sync your Athennian data with your favorite tools to quickly and easily edit, view, share and update data for your clients.

Collaborate From Anywhere

Share virtual minute books, reports and documents with colleagues, clients or stakeholders to better support transactions. Manage your workload more efficiently with standardized document templates, minute books, and other resources in real-time.

Streamline and Optimize Processes

Athennian is more than just a database - it's a collaborative workspace.

Create and Manage Owners Easily

Provide clear status updates to clients and internal teams, pull custom reports, and find the answers you need in seconds.

Stay On Top Of Cap Tables

Track and simplify the complex processes involved with issuing equity, managing owners and maintaining compliance.

Innovative Teams Choose Athennian

  • Compliance & Registrations
  • Tasks, Calendars & Reminders
  • Cap Tables
  • Tax, Governance & Finance
  • Ownership, Certificates & Transactions
  • Directors, Officers & Other Principals
  • Document Automation
  • Virtual Minute Books
Change management is also a very important aspect of upgrading to any new system. A Corporate Secretary at one of Canada’s largest private companies stated that their team had a definite fear of change, however, the team at Athennian helped them navigate this. After the migration, Athennian’s team of paralegals worked with the department to effectively train them on tools.
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Welcome To A Brand New Day In The Legal Industry

Certified and tested to the highest levels of security, and flexible enough to adapt to your team’s specific business needs, Athennian is revolutionizing legal workflows and processes every day.

Security That Meets
Your Standards

Cloud platforms offer the most rigorous security protocols with servers and fail safes certified to the highest standards. Athennian is SOC 2 Type II certified, providing reliability and peace of mind.

No More Non-Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory compliance and reduce risk. Effectively manage multiple entities across different locations with Athennian’s accessible and easy-to-use interface.

Your Operations

Emailing spreadsheets back and forth is not a real-time exchange. Stay on top of your annual resolutions and transactions with Athennian’s management and automation features.

Expand rapidly without growing your team.

When you join a demo, our team will uncover your specific needs and business challenges, and put together a plan of action for your legal organization.