Document Automation Specialist

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Company Overview: 

Athennian strives to build and operate elegant, user-friendly solutions that streamline difficult workflows and corporate governance management. Our software is a cloud-based legal entity and corporate records management platform. By integrating modern technologies (such as e-Signature, corporate secretary document automation, virtual minute books, and org charts), Athennian easily and effectively facilitates in-house legal subsidiary group management and professional firm corporate client management. Athennian's clients include multinational companies with high volumes of tax-driven and M&A transactions, asset managers, and accounting, tax, finance, and legal teams. 

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Company Culture: 

We believe incredible teams can solve any problem and we strive to be an inclusive workplace where ideas thrive. We are first and foremost an organization of people who are passionate about learning, building and sharing software to transform the legal industry. 

Our team members thrive when they’re engaged at work. This includes everything from an engaging environment, deep and meaningful relationships to challenging work. That’s why we have a laundry list of opportunities for our people to find what keeps them engaged at work. Whether you want to customize your workspace, show & tell your newest hobby to the team or grow your capabilities with a stretch project - we’re here to help you become the highest performer you can be, while still having fun and connecting with coworkers.

We offer competitive benefits and perks because we believe that happy people produce great results. We are always adding to this list based on employee feedback, a full list is available here.

In this role, at 3 months, you will have:
  • Learned the Athennian software and custom syntax inside and out.
  • Developed a deep understanding of all standard legal document precedents.
  • Performed a needs assessment on a legal document and inserted the appropriate syntax that automates the document within the Athennian system, all on your own.
  • Become comfortable developing user stories for improving document automation capabilities.
  • Become proficient at reporting software bugs related to document automation functionality.
  • Improved document coding documentation for Athennian users
  • Performed low-level quality assurance testing on automated documents.
  • Built positive relationships with coworkers.
In this role, at 6 months, you will have:
  • Become comfortable with applying the Athennian customized syntax across any standard legal document within the system.
  • Become an expert in assisting team members to understand anything related to the automation of documents.
  • Developed a deep understanding of how document automation fits into the larger ecosystem of Athennian (in particular with Product Support and Delivery Success).
  • Assisted in training customers in low-level document automation and script application.
  • Become an expert at developing user stories for improving document automation capabilities.
  • Become an expert at reporting software bugs related to document automation functionality.
  • Become comfortable performing all quality assurance testing on automated documents.
In this role, at 12 months, you will have:
  • Developed training materials and delivered document automation and syntax application training to customers on your own.
  • Become the go-to person in the company for document automation questions.
  • Taken the initiative to implement new ideas that would improve document automation processes or just make the office a more pleasant place to work.
About you:
  • Diligent Builder: Ability to design and build scalable systems
  • Focused Creative: Problem-solving abilities a must. Can find creative solutions to complex problems
  • Ambitious Learner: Eager to take on a steep learning curve to reach goals
  • High level of technological literacy
  • Attention to detail
  • Desire to be proactive and create a positive experience for others
  • Quick learner and can adapt to the ever-changing startup environment
Bonus Points: 
  • Legal experience equivalent to CORES 1 / CORES 2
  • Previous coding language experience (Javascript in particular)

Generous vacation/sick/flex days, remote work options, health/dental/vision/group life/LTD/AD&D benefits after 90 days, high growth environment, day-to-day variety (never a dull moment), new MacBook Air for new employees, stock options.