Modern Entity Management:
How Innovative Law Firms Scale & Improve ROI

Law firms around the world have already upgraded to the cloud.
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Legal professionals spend only 29% of each work day on billable hours. [Legal Trends Report]

For each 8 hour day, that's only 2.3 hours of billable time.

How can you increase billable hours? The fastest way to increase ROI is to remove manual processes, and automate paperwork that slows down your law firm, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your clients and business.

Legal professionals are wasting their time on manual administrative tasks, when they could be increasing ROI using smart, modern technology.

Leading law firms in the US and Canada are on a mission to do more in less time.

Why Do They Upgrade To Athennian?

Athennian manages over 112,000 total
. You can't do that in spreadsheets.

Law firms use Athennian every single day. We have over 1200 active users every month.

Certified paralegals run our support, with an average response time of 32 minutes.

75+ law firms trust Athennian with their data. With our SOC2 Certification, we're the most secure entity management system available.

Paralegal teams love the platform. We're scored 4.7/5 on Capterra.

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Athennian's 100% cloud-based platform makes it easy to upgrade. See why moving to the cloud is a smart business choice for your law firm and paralegals.

Our Cloud Law Firm Technology Is Fast, So Your Firm Can Grow Faster

Athennian’s cloud is an encrypted virtual office, so you can get work done wherever you are. Stay connected to your clients and your team. With the cloud, you can take your office with you.

Your current entity management solution is living in the past.
Take your law firm into the future and reap the benefits of cloud technology.
  • Communicate and collaborate directly: Bring teams together with a single source of truth, immediate access to real-time updates, live data and streamlined approval processes like e-Signature.

  • Reduce IT costs: Stop hassling with outdated software and servers. Increase your data security, minimize downtime and send fewer IT tickets.

  • Innovation happens in the cloud: Athennian is updated every week with bug fixes and new features. Can your current entity management platform say the same?

  • Flexibility is required to scale: Remote work is not going away. Access to the cloud equals access to your clients and data, regardless of where you need to work.

Data Migration Doesn't Have To Be Scary - Not When You Migrate With Athennian

Athennian’s dedicated data migration team can migrate data from any source, using custom-built technology to directly import your data, keeping you on time and on budget.

It doesn't matter if you're using a different entity management system, spreadsheets or hard copy. Our data migration team has seen it all. We make it painless for your IT team, and have successfully migrated data from some of the largest law firms in North America.

Athennian’s data specialists work with your team to provide lots of training so that you feel confident in your new database.

Key Features

Discover why Athennian is the first choice for law firms just like yours.

Integrations: Powerful alone. Better together.

If your entity management solution is just a database, you're missing out. Athennian is more than that - it's a collaborative workspace. Whether you want to get approvals signed faster, templates that auto-populate, or work with team members in real-time, Athennian is the first choice for law firms like yours.

Task Manager

Stop having nightmares about missing deadlines. Organize compliance activities with tasks to assign people, priority, due dates and other meta data.

Virtual Minute Book

Your law firm is spending unnecessary dollars on storing physical minute books. Stop chasing down documents that are scattered across desks and email inboxes, and utilize cloud-based virtual minute books. With the click of a button, you can search, find, share, edit and download virtual minute book folders and files. Plus, show your clients real value by actually being able to give them virtual read-only access to minute books.

Corporate E-File

Scale your number of total entities with one-click e-filing for British Columbia and Ontario. With Athennian, law firms like yours add more customers without incurring wasted ROI on administrative burdens. Scale your number of entities with one-click e-filing

Documents are transferred through a secure connection, with no need to wait on a courier or stand in line. Stop wasting time waiting for files to reflect the addition of new documents - Athennian will immediately update when new documents are filed.

100% Cloud Based

Don't let outdated software hold you back. Athennian is the only cloud-based global entity management platform relied on by thousands of users around the world to power entity compliance and governance.

Athennian's Feedback Center

Just because the legal industry is one of the oldest professions in the world doesn’t mean that your team has to use old tools. Share and vote on new feature ideas to improve usability and functionality. After all, you’re the expert in how you work - we want your voice to be heard.


How much does Athennian cost?

Athennian believes in empowering your entire team to collaborate together. That is why Athennian is priced per entity managed, instead of per user.

Why Athennian?

Athennian's cloud-based platform allows you and your team to work smarter, not harder. We listen to you and update our product every week with bug fixes and new features.

Give your law firm a competitive edge with e-file abilities in British Columbia and Ontario with more to come. Equip your team with an entity management platform that compliments, supports and empowers your legal team.

How does data migration work? 

Our team of expert data specialists and paralegals work with your team to ensure that your data is migrated quickly and seamlessly. We provide training for your team so that you can move forward with confidence in your new database. Don't let data migration hold you back - the benefits you'll experience in Athennian are worth it.

How do we start the transition process?

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