June 29, 2022

Athennian Welcomes New VP of Sales

Team expansion is an integral part of Athennian’s growth plan. Last year, the team grew over 52%, and in addition to that exciting metric, the organization has brought on a new leadership role; Jay Hedges now sits as Athennian’s first Vice President of Sales. 

Jay Hedges VP Sales, Athennian

Jay brings his expansive sales knowledge to Athennian, having held numerous sales leadership roles for tech start-ups such as Avanti and Seismic. “'I’ve been blessed to be able to lead some amazing sales teams over the past ~14 years. I love enterprise technology sales... almost as much as I love coaching, developing, and collaborating with great salespeople,” Hedges says of his dynamic career. 

As a leader, Hedges is driven by empathy and connection. “When I transitioned from contributor to leader, I told myself that I would let empathy guide me. If I ask someone to join my team, I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure their success and happiness. We may come and go from companies, but people come first, and connections are for life,” he states.

Athennian’s Vice President of Sales is excited to bring his knowledge and leadership skills into Athennian’s next growth stage, formalizing processes, expanding sales enablement operations, and growing a passionate and driven sales team.

Mary Ward, Athennian’s Chief Revenue Officer, says of Hedges, “We are thrilled to have Jay join the team and I look forward to seeing his blend of people-first leadership and extensive experience help propel our sales organization to the next level. Jay is exactly the VP that Athennian needs to help lead us deep into future success.”

In addition to his wealth of sales experience, Jay Hedges’ career reflects an overarching interest in the legal industry. Not only has he sold to General Counsel & Law Firms, but he received a Master’s in Global Business Law from the University of Toronto. He’s thrilled to join a team of diligent builders determined to change the entity management industry by empowering teams to be transaction, audit, and compliance-ready.