5 Steps You Can Take Now to Scale Your Law Firm's Corporate Governance Services

Right now, if your law firm is not using a cloud-based entity management system, you are leaving money on the table. And, you are likely overpaying for a platform that doesn’t have solutions that help you grow your business. 

You can scale your corporate services business with a few quick wins and one solution. By wrapping these five action items into one program, you can avoid the complications and costs of trying to find multiple products, processes, and people to solve the problems that are preventing your growth.

Number 1: Automate Manual Processes and Paperwork

The first step is to reduce the inefficiencies of manual processes. Our world is full of innovations that have replaced tedious and time consuming manual steps with efficient and elegant automations. The way we shop, order food, pay our bills, communicate with our customers, and more are all examples of how we’ve learned to become more efficient with life’s daily routines. 

So why are so many law firms and legal teams still using physical paperwork, spreadsheets, and outdated technology to manage corporate governance data?

Here's a brief video on how Athennian can automate documents and create workflows to streamline tasks.

Automating certain functions for your paralegal and law clerk teams like registering new entities, signing off on approvals, completing annual filings, and generating ad hoc reports allows your business to move faster and reduce mistakes. Even switching from hard copies to virtual minute books is an easy way to improve your team’s ability to communicate, collaborate, and work from up-to-date, real time data.

Consider this: on average legal teams are only spending 29% of their day on billable hours. Spending less time on paperwork is more time you can spend on client relationships and growing your business. 

Using Athennian’s cloud-based system, you can register a new entity in one click. That’s scalability for your law firm.

Number 2: Bring Teams Together with Shared Workflows

When you use spreadsheets or other offline applications to manage data, processes become one to one with each team and office doing things differently. For most law firms, especially national firms, that level of disparity in your essential administrative work is slowing you down and building barriers to communication and collaboration. 

Even if your team is using an entity management software to manage your law firm corporate governance data, if that software isn’t Athennian, it was most likely built using on-premise technology, meaning your offices aren’t connected to the same data or process. And, other entity management databases charge you for every user license. Athennian doesn’t. Our model allows for unlimited users, meaning greater efficiency, less cost, and better collaboration. 

The easiest way to fix this is to use a cloud-based entity management system. 

When your law firm uses a cloud system, you can communicate in real time with colleagues all over the world. No delays. And you can build automated workflows and processes that standardize information, approvals, data handling, and corporate filing tasks. Every paralegal, every lawyer, and every stakeholder can access the right, accurate data and know that the process is consistent across all your offices. 

Take our word for it or hear it from one of our clients who made the switch to Athennian and brought their national team together. Read their case study here. 

Number 3: Improve Security and Lower Risk

It’s hard to scale your team when you’re keeping one eye on data security and the other on managing risk, especially when manual, paper processes are introducing risks every day. 

With multiple spreadsheets floating around between desks, shared drives, and inboxes your team is always running a step behind because your data is already out of date. 

A single source of truth with real time updates reduces risks associated with spreadsheets and paperwork. You can also take advantage of Athennian’s Tasks feature to automate reminders and deadlines to reduce the threat of missing filing deadlines and payments.

Of course, your law firm is also storing critical corporate data, which means you are facing the risk of a data breach. That brings us to security. 

Spreadsheets and physical paperwork are not secure. They are exposing data, being passed between hands and inboxes. If you are using a dedicated entity management system, it’s likely one that was built in the late 20th century.

Most entity management systems available today are more than 30 years old and have long since stopped updating their functionality or security measures to keep up with modern data security practices.

And because most of them operate as on-premise software, they require you to host a physical server at your office. They’re making managing security even more difficult for you. 

Athennian was created to solve problems like this. With our cloud-based system, data is stored using the most advanced encryption technology, and we are SOC II certified because we take security seriously. 

Using a system that bakes security right into the solution is the easiest way for you to refocus your sight on the business and assure clients that their information is protected with the strongest form of data security available. 

The ALF entity management system was developed last century, and their on-premise server requirement means that security updates are a manual process and are easily compromised.

Number 4: Spend Less Time Trying to Make Your Technology Work and More Time Getting Work Done

If you are still using outdated entity management technology, your IT team is probably spending a lot of time constantly fixing issues with servers, slow systems, locked out users, hands on software updates, and uploading security patches. That’s a considerable amount of time fighting with your technology, trying to make it work.  

The less time you spend trying to fix your technology, the more time you can spend on your clients and your business. It’s that simple. 

What’s the solution? Move to a cloud-based system that automatically updates every week with new features, bug fixes, and security measures that don’t require any hands on work. 

With the cloud, you will spend less time submitting IT tickets and help requests, so your IT team can spend more time focusing on how to innovate services for your firm. 

Outdated technology will never be able to scale your corporate law business the way automated, fast, cloud solutions can. Read more about the benefits of saying goodbye to old school tech, and hello to the future of corporate law.

Number 5: Turn Your Database Into a Virtual Office

If 2020 has taught business leaders anything, it’s that work is not tied to a physical office. Having access to your data wherever you are has never been more important for law firms and paralegals. But having access to your database isn’t enough. 

It’s time to embrace work, where work naturally happens. If your database isn’t already facilitating workflows and integrations with the rest of your essential business tools, then it is doing less for you than you need. And, the kicker, is that you are probably paying more for a system that does less. 

Athennian is more than just a database. It’s a workspace for your paralegals and teams to execute tasks faster and more efficiently. Using Athennian is giving your team access to a virtual office.

Take for example, our document automation technology, creating pre-populated templates directly in the application. Look into our integrations with Office 365, Google Drive, and Google Maps, which make it faster for your paralegals to input data and move on to the next project.

Or, you can look at our e-filing capabilities that allow you to register new entities in British Columbia and Ontario with one click. 

Or, you can look into our integration with DocuSign that allows you to share documents instantly, to get them signed faster.

Is Your Law Firm Ready to Scale Up?

The right solution creates less manual work, not more. That’s why a cloud-based entity management platform is the best option for teams that want to take the next step with the least amount of hassle. If you’re ready to make the switch, we are ready to help you. 

Don’t let data migration hold you back. Athennian uses drag and drop technology to directly import ALF cards, making data migration faster, cost-effective, and seamless for day-to-day operations.

  • Our data migration experts use custom-built technology to import your data, so daily operations never go down. 
  • Your paralegals, law clerks, or corporate administrators receive dedicated training so day one using a new system is productive.
  • Our customer success team is composed of certified paralegals and entity management experts so your team has knowledgeable support behind them.
  • We have live chat enabled in our system with an average response time of 32 minutes.

Get started with a 20-minute discovery call so our team can map out a solution that works for your business.

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