Digital Best Practices for Law Firm Entity Management

With the rapid development of technology, there is no doubt that law firms are adapting to make their practices more efficient. Industry-leading law firms are adopting online tools to help them control expenses, improve efficiencies, and better manage their firm's capitalization.

Indeed, the right entity management system offers an incredible tool that provides a wide range of services. The system is the central hub for a law firm's entire records, data, and information and brings all components together into one place for quick access to required documents and data. By increasing digital solutions, a law firm is taking a vital step to increasing its efficiency. 

Digital Best Practices in Entity Management

Law firms, especially global firms, must have the ability to understand and manage complex client information and entity structures and have the necessary confidence in their reporting systems to ensure cost efficiency and regulatory compliance. The right cloud-based entity management system securely stores documents with task organization, management, reporting, and analysis. An effective cloud-based system is integral to proper entity operations and avoids potential risk and reputational damage.

Centralize Workflow

With cloud-based entity management, Legal professionals can use their firm's system to create a centralized workflow system that caters to dealing with compliance issues. A mature software will alert for future compliance events, thus increasing efficiency. Furthermore, the authorization of managed notifications means that users can be certain to never to miss an important compliance deadline.

Enable eSignature

The use of eSignature is now fully recognized in law; documents no longer need to be sent by post and returned. The eradication of this practice saves a considerable amount of time. When using an entity management system, lawyers can send out documents for eSignature directly and even receive them directly back to the system. 

Reduce Risk 

As more collaboration occurs it becomes increasingly critical to control where and how documents are being shared. With a cloud solution you are able to reduce the risk that files are shared and stored on individual team members' computers. This helps to ensure that all files are stored centrally and everyone sees the most recent version. 

Improve Security‍‍

Internal IT teams have many tasks that they are responsible for, including security monitoring. The key differentiator between cloud and on-premise solutions is encryption. The encryption of data means that information is less accessible by hackers or anyone not authorized to view your data. In addition, cloud-based services typically offer several security settings that can be set based on the user, allowing for easy control over what information can or cannot be accessed. Modern cloud-based applications are also secured and monitored by a dedicated security team, with a defined set of audited controls and tools that are onerous to implement for all but the largest enterprise businesses.  

This digitization of law firm business provides a powerful solution for streamlining workflows and eliminating repetitive, mundane legal work. The automation of this work leaves time free for lawyers to focus on critical client work. A massive reduction of time spent searching for legal documents and the increased capacity for firm-wide collaboration enables law firms to increase their workload and client base without the accompanying increase in costs or the requirement to take on more personnel.

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