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Athennian announces exclusive Canada e-File partnership with ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

Adrian Camara

Exclusive Canada e-File Partnership with ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

We are excited to announce a technology partnership between Athennian and ESC Corporate Services Ltd. (ESC). ESC is a leader in corporate registry services, and this collaboration will allow us to enhance our global entity management and document automation service.

What does this mean for Athennian users?

By integrating ESC's e-filing service, we'll accelerate the digital transformation of both law firms and in-house legal teams by shifting critical business data to the cloud, enabling single-click entity formation and filings for all Canadian jurisdictions.

We're excited about this, as the only could-based corporate records management platform we believe this technology partnership further solidifies our position as the best option for legal teams looking for modern corporate records or subsidiary management software in Canada.

ESC has built proven technology supporting the automated workflow for corporate registry services supporting Canada’s legal industry. We are excited to work with Athennian, a forward thinking, innovative company dedicated to improving how Canadian law firms do business.

–Clare Colledge, President, ESC

This collaboration means you'll be able to e-file right from Athennian, saving you time and hassle!

When can you start e-filing through Athennian?

We're working hard to bring e-filing into Athennian as fast as we can. This integration will be up and running sometime this summer.

But you don't have to wait until you can e-file—book a demo today and start modernizing your entity management and corporate records today!

Athennian has created a user-friendly, intuitive and custom-tailored database that is well aligned with our needs and the needs of our clients. The process has been very collaborative and the team at Athennian is committed to continuing to grow and adapt the product as our needs change over time, which gives us great faith in the future of Athennian as a technology leader in the market.
- Megan Braun, Director of Paralegals and Law Clerks, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

At Athennian, we’re striving to make a plug and play experience for legal teams to easily scale collaborative workflows across their organization. If you’re looking for an integrative solution to manage entities and improve your contract workflow, then reach out today and let us tell you how we can help.

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