Optimizing Paraprofessional Workflows to Help Law Firms Gain Competitive Advantage

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Paraprofessionals play central roles in helping their law firms deliver value. And having the right people, processes and technology in place is a key pillar of them contributing to law firms’ success.

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What We Covered:

  • How has the pandemic change working in the legal space?
  • How can firms do to deal with all the new legal tech flooding the market?
  • What firms can do to effectively deal with resistance to new technology among paraprofessionals?
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"Very easy to use, modern interface, excellent support. Athennian has an amazing conversion team. They helped us migrate all of our data and the training was very good."

Megan W, Director

“When we were reviewing other entity management systems on the market, in some cases, we were not comparing apples to apples. But with Athennian, there was really no comparison. The paralegals were so excited to come on board.”

Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

"There are so many things I like about this program, but the one thing that really stands out is the user friendly interface. The program is fast and allows me to enter corporate information very quickly and efficiently. I would also like to note that Athennian provides the most the fantastic customer service."

Kelly R, Corporate Law Clerk