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The easy way to manage entities

Say goodbye to manually managing legal entities. Only Athennian delivers complete automation for global entity management. Learn how over 2,000 customers have automated and eSigned 300,000+ documents using Athennian.

“Athennian is a fantastic platform for managing corporate entities in the cloud and on the go.”

Momentum Business Law leverages greater efficiencies to their workflows with Athennian.

Solutions For Any Team

Athennian integrates foundational entity management capabilities with powerful document assembly, eSign, e-file and powerful cloud workflows.
Corporate Teams
Manage hundreds of entities across sub-groups to support legal, tax, compliance and finance requests with reports, document generation and read-only access.
Law Firms
Enable your paralegals and law clerks to work smarter with document automation for any corporate document, eSign, and sharing virtual minute books with clients and lawyers.
Corporate Services
Athennian white-label deployments are used by registered agents and trust companies to power internal data management needs as well as customer access.

Product Overview

Athennian integrates foundational entity management capabilities with document assembly, eSign, e-file and powerful cloud workflows.

Centralize key data

Reduce risk and increase compliance with unlimited data and document storage for any entity type in any jurisdiction.

  • Governance
  • SOP
  • Ownership
  • Tax
  • Compliance
  • Documents

Automate any document

Configure any document for assembly using Athennian's document assembly engine with a single click.

  • Resolutions
  • Ledgers & Registers
  • Certificates
  • Corporate Docs

Integrated eSign

Athennian is the only entity management platform with integrated, and easy-to-use eSign.

  • Unlimited
  • Automated reminders
  • Multi-party
  • Audit trail

Advanced document storage

Athennian's Digital Minute Book is an evolution from basic folders to a more intuitive interface.

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Hyperlinked Index
  • Search PDF (OCR)
  • Client Share
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Learn how Athennian automates documents

Did you know? You can use your own document templates with Athennian easily.

Integrate your workflow

Athennian integrates with the cloud tools you already use.
Google Maps

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Plans That Grow With Your Business

Up to 50 Active Entities
  • Entity Management
  • Document Automation
  • eSign
  • Reports
  • Org Charts
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Unlimited Active Entities
  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Reports
  • Priority Support
  • Virtual Minute Book
  • Unlimited Documents
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Unlimited Active Entities
  • Release Management
  • SLA Terms
  • Custom Branding
  • API Support
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