December 7, 2022

Athennian Welcomes New VP of Product

Athennian is no stranger to growth, being named one of Deloitte's Fastest Growing Companies in Canada this year. As part of this growth plan, the organization is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our leadership team; Akshay Kumar now sits as Athennian’s first Vice President of Product. 

Akshay joins Athennian after an extensive career in the SaaS space, most recently serving as the Director of Product Management at Ada


Kumar says of his career: “I’ve had the fortune of working at some of the best technology companies. The one thing that I have seen consistently is that outsized success comes when people are a little bit out of their comfort zone. When you are getting comfortable at where you are or your team is running extremely efficiently, that’s the danger zone when complacency kicks in and growth stalls. That’s the time to start pushing the boundaries again. And the result is success for individuals, teams, and organizations.”

In addition to his experience, the Athennian welcomes the wise leadership skills of the new VP of Product. “I’m a firm believer in working with a purpose, and so I strive to build a purpose for myself and my teams,” Kumar states. “People work for their organizations, but also for themselves. Most people want to improve, and I like to create opportunities for them to grow.” This focus on ambitious learning and growth is a core tenant of the Athennian culture. 

Josh Malate (COO, Athennian) is excited for Akshay Kumar’s impact on the company, staging, “I am extremely energized that Akshay is joining the Product team at Athennian. Akshay will lead Athennian's commitment to building the most powerful, modern and user friendly solution for our customers entity, subsidiary and business data. Akshay's experience at companies like Kira, Zuva and Ada will be invaluable to the continued growth of Athennian.”

When asked what made him decide on Athennian as his next move, Kumar stated, “100% it's our vision that I am excited about. While some might call us an entity management software, we are permanently changing how businesses will be managed by building the general ledger for business identities globally. This vision motivates me to work harder and see every challenge as an opportunity.”