Athennian Unlocked: New Features Revolutionize Entity Management

Athennian’s recent product update webinar, spotlighted a suite of new features designed to streamline entity management processes. Led by Product Marketing Manager Charlé West and Sales Engineer Megan Britt, the event highlighted how these innovations enhance efficiency, accuracy, and user experience for legal operations professionals.

Custom Roles and Section-Level Permissions

This update allows organizations to lock down specific sections of an entity to tailored roles, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.

"For example, you can restrict a tax team to only see the sections they need, like annual returns, without seeing security or document sections," explained Charlé West. "This helps streamline access to information and supports company growth by targeting key teams and law firms who want more streamlined access to entities."

Cash and Percentage Ownership Tracking

Another significant update is the cash and percentage ownership tracking feature. This enhancement allows clients to define and track cash classes and percentage ownership, accommodating diverse ownership structures and improving data accuracy.

"This feature allows you to define which data is represented in classes and on transactions, whether it's cash capital or percentage ownership," said Charlé. "It’s available for all packages and will be under the securities section."

Megan Britt added, "This is really impactful, especially for clients who only have percentage ownership information. It allows us to onboard clients more accurately and accommodate different types of ownership."

Enhanced Visuals and User Experience

Athennian has also made visual improvements to the people and dashboard sections of the platform. Users can toggle an early access feature to experience these changes, which include modernized and intuitive interfaces that are easier to navigate.

"The visual updates make the tool even more intuitive and user-friendly," Megan noted. "It’s a great improvement that makes our app look super clean and fresh."

Athennian AI: Centralize

The webinar's feature spotlight was Athennian AI Centralize, a tool designed to automate critical entity management workflows by quickly and efficiently getting information into the system. 

"This tool automates the most critical entity management workflow by getting information into the system quickly and efficiently," Charlé explained. "It reads documents, highlights critical points, and allows you to file them with a human verification step. This feature is available on all plans and is purchased in bundles."

Megan demonstrated the tool's capabilities, showing how it can handle various document types, including PDFs, JPEGs, and even handwritten documents. She emphasized the tool's ability to streamline processes, citing that it reduces a typical four-minute workflow to just 40 seconds.

Upcoming Features: Minute Book Secure Share and Chart Upgrades

Minute Book Secure Share, available on June 25th, allows users to share specific folders or documents externally with controlled access, set expiration dates, and audit trails.

"With Minute Book Secure Share, you can share documents securely without giving full access to the entire entity," Charlé explained. "This is especially useful for law firms needing to share specific documents with clients or external parties."

In early July, Athennian will roll out upgrades to its charts, enhancing data visibility and decision-making capabilities. These upgrades include zooming capabilities, extended entity relationships, customizable chart boxes, and export options to Excel. Additionally, users will be able to generate charts from a person’s perspective, showing all their entity affiliations and securities.

"The chart upgrades will significantly enhance how users visualize and interact with their data," Megan said. "It allows for more customized and detailed views, making it easier to understand complex ownership structures and relationships."

Embracing Technology for Enhanced Entity Management

The recent Athennian webinar showcased how embracing advanced technology can revolutionize entity management. With new features like custom roles, ownership tracking, and Athennian AI Centralize, organizations can now streamline workflows, enhance data accuracy, and boost overall efficiency. Upcoming innovations such as Minute Book Secure Share and chart upgrades further demonstrate Athennian's commitment to empowering users with cutting-edge tools for superior corporate governance. Embracing these advancements is essential for staying ahead in the complex world of entity management.

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Megan W, Director

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Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

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