April Product Update from Athennian

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Jordan Rindahl

In the month of April, Athennian’s product and customer success teams worked hard to bring significant updates to the platform, based on user feedback. We focused on improving the most commonly used features in Athennian: Custom Reports, Virtual Minute Books, Transactions, and Teams.

What’s New

Ensuring that sensitive information stays confidential

We recognize that you work with sensitive client data and you need to be able to keep it confidential. This is especially true while we work in remote environments that may not be as secure as pre-COVID office cubicles.  In addition to encrypting all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we have also taken an additional step to mask this information within Athennian. Data masking is a process used to protect PII or other types of sensitive information from unauthorized access via obfuscation.

Once you have included information in a field containing PII it will automatically be masked to prevent unauthorized viewing. In order to reveal and/or edit the information you are required to click on the eye icon to expose it.

The following information is masked:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Drivers license
  3. Passport Number
  4. SSN / SIN

Switch between Teams easily

Part of more than one team? Easily switch between them on the main page of Athennian.

What’s Improved

Save time when searching for Custom Report filters

We've added a Search field in the dropdown of Custom Reports, so that you can type to search for the exact filter you’re looking for. This saves time when building your custom reports.

Navigate Virtual Minute Books (VMB) more efficiently

We've moved the Virtual Minute Book Table of Contents link to at the top of the VMB navigation menu. This makes it easier to find, so that you can navigate your Virtual Minute Book more efficiently. We also upgraded the quality of documents to make for top notch printing.

Filter and find templates easier than before

You can now filter templates by ‘kind’ of document. This makes finding documents faster and more efficient. By using the ‘Template Kind’ filter in Transactions, you can filter out all Certificates so you no longer have to scroll through them when looking for an Agreement, Register, or Ledger.

Athennian is updated weekly with new features and improvements.

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"Very easy to use, modern interface, excellent support. Athennian has an amazing conversion team. They helped us migrate all of our data and the training was very good."

Megan W, Director

“When we were reviewing other entity management systems on the market, in some cases, we were not comparing apples to apples. But with Athennian, there was really no comparison. The paralegals were so excited to come on board.”

Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

"There are so many things I like about this program, but the one thing that really stands out is the user friendly interface. The program is fast and allows me to enter corporate information very quickly and efficiently. I would also like to note that Athennian provides the most the fantastic customer service."

Kelly R, Corporate Law Clerk