Finally. An entity management platform that works the way legal teams want it to.

Did you know that legal professionals spend only 29% of each workday on billable hours?*

For each 8 hour day, that's only 2.3 hours of billable time. What’s happening the rest of that time? 

Every time a paralegal has to wait for their entity management platform to load, every time a law clerk has to search through stacks of physical minute books, every time a legal professional has to wait for a document to be printed, mailed, signed and returned, your organization is losing money and wasting precious time.

With cloud-based entity management, Athennian frees legal teams from manual processes, allowing organizations to scale their entities without scaling their overhead. 

*Legal Trends Report

Subsidiary Management in Athennian

Corporate Entities

Centralize registration, governance, ownership, tax and compliance data to create a single source of truth. Manage digital minute books and documents all in one place.

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Managing Corporate Compliance

Never miss a filing deadline. Avoid fines and forced dissolutions for non-compliance. Athennian makes it easy for compliance tracking events and filing across entities and jurisdictions.

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Manual Processes

Make your data work for you. Athennian is designed to leverage your data for legal document automation. Our team can configure any document, form or certificate for single-click automation using the data you already have.

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Org Charts

Easily restructure and visualize different types of entities associated with your organization. Create corporations & extra provincial registrations to do business in other provinces.

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With automated document assembly, workflows, minutebooks and integrated task management, you can easily manage your client’s assets and your team.

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Reporting &

There’s an easier way to get your data. Athennian’s customizable reports show your data in the perfect format every time.

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Access &

Tools to make sharing easy. Provide stakeholders with access to an online digital experience, housing entity information with the permissions and restrictions that you set. Useful for law firm client portals, in-house business user access and other collaboration workflows.

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What challenge do you face today?

From small law firms to national corporate departments, Athennian is the first choice.

Solutions for Every Industry

Whether you’re part of a large corporation or a private practice, Athennian’s solutions can scale to any size to help organizations package and economize entity management.

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Customer Success Stories

Whether you’re a paralegal, lawyer, law clerk, legal assistant, IT manager, or another legal professional, Athennian’s platform helps you automate manual tasks and scale productivity.

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Welcome To A Brand New Day In The Legal Industry

Certified and tested to the highest levels of security, and flexible enough to adapt to your team’s specific business needs, Athennian is revolutionizing legal workflows and processes every day.

Security That Meets
Your Standards

Cloud platforms offer the most rigorous security protocols with servers and fail safes certified to the highest standards. Athennian is SOC 2 Type II certified, providing reliability and peace of mind.

No More Non-Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory compliance and reduce risk. Effectively manage multiple entities across different locations with Athennian’s accessible and easy-to-use interface.

Your Operations

Emailing spreadsheets back and forth is not a real-time exchange. Stay on top of your annual resolutions and transactions with Athennian’s management and automation features.

Expand rapidly without growing your team.

When you see Athennian in action, you’ll understand why hundreds of legal professionals have already upgraded to our cloud-based entity management platform.