Managing Corporate Entities

Corporate Law Is Complicated Enough. Simplify Your Entity Management With Athennian.

The cloud-based corporate database that makes running your firm and collaborating with clients all in one place possible.

Make Running Your Business Easier

Do More
Billable Work

Athennian minimizes paper work, automates workflows and eliminates redundancies so that you can make the most of your time.

Decision Making

Work in compliance with regulatory standards using Athennian’s straightforward and intuitive platform. Scale your entities and profit - it’s a win-win.

Deliver Services Your
Stakeholders Want

Show stakeholders even more value by packaging and economizing entity management. Athennian helps you with the moving parts of entity management so you can focus on your business.

See How It Works

Scale Your Entities, Without Scaling Your Overhead

Stay organized and manage entities from anywhere, at any time. Our entity management workspace ensures every detail is captured and available.

Economize Corporate Entity Management

The fastest way to increase ROI is to remove manual processes, and automate paperwork that slows down your business, allowing you to spend more time focusing on higher value tasks.

Collaborate From Anywhere

Share virtual minute books, reports and documents with remote colleagues or lawyers to better support transactions. Manage your firm’s workload more efficiently with standardized document templates, minute books, and other resources in real-time.

Demonstrate More Value To Stakeholders

Athennian is more than just a corporate database–it's a collaborative workspace.

Manage Data Effectively

Provide clear status updates to stakeholders, pull custom reports, and find the answers you need in seconds. Athennian’s entity management software facilitates collaboration and database visibility, regardless of where your team is located.

Do More In Athennian

Centralize your legal entity data in one place that is accessible for your entire team. Whether you want to get approvals signed faster, templates that auto-populate, or work with team members in real-time, Athennian is the first choice for managing corporate entities.

Innovative Teams Choose Athennian

  • Compliance & Registrations
  • Tasks, Calendars & Reminders
  • Tax, Governance & Finance
  • Ownership, Certificates & Transactions
  • Directors, Officers & Other Principals
  • Document Automation
  • Virtual Minute Books

Demonstrate More Value To Stakeholders

Athennian is more than just a corporate database–it's acollaborative workspace.

Welcome To A Brand New Day In The Legal Industry

Certified and tested to the highest levels of security, and flexible enough to adapt to your team’s specific business needs, Athennian is revolutionizing legal workflows and processes every day.

Security That Meets
Your Standards

Cloud platforms offer the most rigorous security protocols with servers and fail safes certified to the highest standards. Athennian is SOC 2 Type II certified, providing reliability and peace of mind.

No More Non-Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory compliance and reduce risk. Effectively manage multiple entities across different locations with Athennian’s accessible and easy-to-use interface.

Your Operations

Emailing spreadsheets back and forth is not a real-time exchange. Stay on top of your annual resolutions and transactions with Athennian’s management and automation features.

Expand rapidly without growing your team.

When you join a demo, our team will uncover your specific needs and business challenges, and put together a plan of action for your legal organization.