The Modern In-House Legal Department: Future-Proof Your Corporate Governance

Imagine a tool that sped up your work day, instead of slowed you down.

If you’re like most in-house legal professionals, referring to your work week as “busy” might be a gross understatement. With your workday scheduled by the minute, the last thing you need while juggling meetings and supervising teams is outdated software dragging down your bottom line.
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Work More Efficiently With Athennian

As an in-house legal professional, your internal clients rely on you to assist with many different types of legal issues. Stay on top of every request and deadline—and increase the value you provide to your organization with Athennian’s entity management cloud platform.

Athennian manages over 350,000 total entities. You can't do that in spreadsheets.

In-house teams use Athennian every single day. We have over 2800 active users.

Our Resource Hub and Help Center are filled with tools to support you and your team.

Entity management software choice for in-house legal departments across Canada and the US.

Paralegal teams love the platform. We're scored 4.7/5 on Capterra.

Athennian's 100% cloud-based platform makes it easy to upgrade. See why moving to the cloud is a smart business choice for your law firm and paralegals.

Streamline Your Processes

Data You Can Rely On

Never touch a spreadsheet again. Effectively manage multiple jurisdictions, in-house boards and committees, federal corporations, limited partnerships, and resolutions with accessible and easy-to-find tracking history and custom reports.

Track Your Tasks - And Your Time

Let your data work for you with automated workflows, task management and streamlined processes. Quickly identify the next task to be done, assign team members to tasks, and see which tasks are overdue at a glance.

Organize And Collaborate Better

View tracking history, directors, officers, shares, investment fund managers, authorized resolution signatories and database insights in seconds. Collaborate with paralegals and external law firms using up-to-date and reliable data.

Secure Development Practices

Technological advances in in-house legal software enable department to manage entities that were once handled externally. Easily keep your minute book records in-house instead of paying a law firm.

I would recommend Athennian to not just law firms but to in-house legal departments like us as well. Athennian isn’t a six month implementation - we had to dedicate a resource for a few weeks to support the migration from our side, and then we were up and running. It was very painless. Athennian’s value for time and value for dollars is very high.
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In-House Legal Department
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Moving To The Cloud: Make Collaboration Across Teams Easy

You likely already encounter the cloud daily - at work and at home. When you make edits to a file in Google Docs, you use the cloud. When you upload documents to Dropbox and share them with colleagues, you store them in the cloud. Why can’t your in-house legal team utilize the convenience of the cloud too?

Manage Internal Legal Requests Effectively

Provide clear status updates to other departments and teams, pull custom reports, and find the answers you need in seconds. Cloud-based legal tech facilitates collaboration and database visibility, regardless of where your team is located.

Access Resources From Anywhere

Collaborate with team members from multiple different offices and locations. Manage your workload more efficiently with access to the same corporate information sheets, templates, minute books, and other resources in real-time.

Measure Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Demonstrate value to your organization by responding to requests and reporting on progress easily. Identify areas of improvement by managing your legal department’s tasks and activity across different types of projects.

Innovation Happens In The Cloud

Athennian is updated every week with bug fixes and new features based on user feedback. Easily submit ideas for feature updates, request support from our customer success team, and access several types of resources.

Improve Security & Reduce IT Costs

Cloud platforms offer the most rigorous security protocols with servers and failsafes tested and certified to the highest standards. Athennian is SOC 2 Type II certified to give General Counsel and other internal clients peace of mind.

Migrate Your Data With Zero Disruptions

Athennian's team of dedicated data specialists can confidently move your data to the cloud - from outdated databases to spreadsheets, we’ve seen it all. Once you upgrade to Athennian, you can get more done on your own, with your team, and across your organization. Here’s what you can expect:

Step One: Discovery

Athennian Data Specialists are experts in data migration, but you’re the expert of your own data. We’ll host collaborative workshops with your team and complete and field mapping activities.

Step Two: Data Verification

Review your data in a test environment to verify accuracy before going live to make sure the platform is as you expect.

Step Three: Go-Live

Open your laptop and login securely via single sign-on. When you migrate with Athennian, you’ll experience minimal disruption.

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Switching entity management systems doesn't have to be a headache. Let’s talk about what’s right for your team.

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Is Athennian built specifically for in-house legal departments?

Although Athennian may not be built specifically for in-house legal departments, organizations have much to benefit from using entity management software like Athennian. 

Not only will you be able to collaborate with internal clients and paralegals from anywhere, Athennian can also help organize and streamline data associated with in-house boards and committees, limited partnerships, shares, resolutions and more. Say goodbye to spreadsheets forever. 

Cut costs and operate more efficiently, take the guesswork out of business decisions, and quickly deliver the services your internal clients need.

How much does Athennian cost?

Athennian believes in empowering your entire team to collaborate together. That is why Athennian is priced per entity managed, instead of per user. Learn more about Athennian pricing here.

How does data migration work? 

Our team of expert data specialists and paralegals work with your team to ensure that your data is migrated quickly and seamlessly. We provide training for your team so that you can move forward with confidence in your new database. Don't let data migration hold you back - the benefits you'll experience in Athennian are worth it.

How do we start the transition process?

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