4 Signs Your Hybrid Entity Management System Isn’t Working

Entity management software’s primary purpose is to provide fast and intuitive opportunities to collaborate, organize, and communicate. This is done through automation and the elimination of manual processes, while also providing streamlined pathways to perform certain tasks. 

While it is important to find the entity management software that works best for your team, there may be obvious signs if your hybrid entity management system is not working. A hybrid system would be a cross between using both manual and automated processes. While this system may work for some organizations, you may discover some issues that arise as a result of commingling both manual and automated processes with an outdated system. 

This article will describe indications that your hybrid system is not providing you with the best ROI.

1. Communications and Tasks Are Getting Lost

One of the most important elements of a successful organization is the ability to concisely communicate goals, tasks, and responsibilities. This element must be effective between all levels of staff. 

An effective entity management software system will be able to provide staff with tasks and requests in a timely and automated manner. There should never be confusion about who is performing what task, the urgency of that task, and its due date. With Athennian’s task manager, your firm staff will no longer have to worry about missing deadlines when using this streamlined option to manage workflows. 

If you begin to notice that your organization’s staff are duplicating efforts or failing to communicate, this may be indicative that your hybrid entity management software is not fulfilling its purpose. During your team meetings, it is important to observe past trends and follow the patterns as it relates to effective communication and task completion. If you are able to find trends or patterns related to these issues, it may be time to review your internal processes and consider transitioning to a system that will reduce the risk of errors, lost communications, or incompleted tasks. 

2. Compliance Processes Are Not Being Followed

Compliance processes should be easy to follow. An effective entity management software system should make it easy for staff to follow compliance processes, instead of making it feel burdensome, redundant, or unnecessary. 

Along with effective communication, Athennian’s streamlining will allow for staff to quickly understand compliance processes and integrate them into their daily routines. Athennian can also provide easy and functional access to training to ensure staff understand the compliance processes.

Additionally, all legal organizations should perform regular analyses of their compliance processes to ensure adherence. These routine checks will also show areas in which the organization is lacking or needs improvement. If you notice there are significant discrepancies that are not being remedied by training, you may want to review whether your hybrid entity management software is effective. 

3. Low Morale

Low morale can come from many sources. If through team meetings or one-on-one interactions, your organization finds that staff members are feeling disgruntled or overworked, it may be time to review the effectiveness of your hybrid management software. 

An ineffective entity management system may cause both lawyers and paralegals to feel as if they cannot focus on their primary functions. Instead, they may become dissatisfied due to the redundancy of administrative tasks, poor communication, and unclear instructions. Additionally, it is not uncommon for staff members to feel overworked in legal organizations. In order to mitigate this negative trend, eliminating manual processes and switching to automation will relieve a significant burden among those who feel overworked. 

Outdated software can easily create the previously mentioned issues related to dissatisfaction. Transitioning to emerging software, such as going fully onto the cloud, or automating tasks that are otherwise done manually, is a great way to increase ROI. Staff members also do not enjoy working on outdated software because the inefficiencies will become readily apparent, leading to both end-user frustrations as well lower profits. 

4. Low Billable Hours

Staff in law firms spend only 29% of each workday on billable hours. This is due in large part to administrative tasks and manual processes that take up their time. A hybrid entity management system that is outdated may easily cause your staff to spend more time reviewing and performing administrative tasks, instead of focusing on billable hours. 

Athennian’s entity management system provides opportunities to streamline workflows that will allow staff to easily generate required documents for both old and new clients, schedule reminders, gather eSignatures, e-file documents, and many other tasks. Streamlining or automating these tasks can substantially reduce the administrative burden on your staff, thus allowing them to focus on billable hours. 

If you notice that your law firm staff have low billable hours, or that your in-house counsel is unable to perform a quick turnaround for assigned tasks, it could be a sign that your hybrid entity management system is outdated. Regardless of the type of organization, it is wise to transition to a system that will reduce the burden of manual processes and administrative tasks. Making this switch is one of the fastest ways to increase ROI. 

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