6 Board Software Alternatives to Diligent Boards & BoardVantage

What is Board Management Software? 

Board management software are technology solutions to help organize board packages, board discussions and communications, agendas, approvals, scheduling, voting, attendance, recording minutes, and other related functions. Effective board management software should replace email and loose files with a centralized source of truth for all board information to streamline processes, avoid oversights, and ensure best governance practices. 

What Are the Options for Board Management Products in the Market? 

Although the two legacy incumbent Diligent Boards and Nasdaq BoardVantage have the majority market share due to their age, their software is dated and many legal teams are looking for more modern alternatives that provide improved user experiences.

Here is a list of the top six board management software vendors to Diligent Boards and BoardVantage that have both modern products as well as robust organizations that can support delivery and ongoing support. 

#1 OnBoard

Website: https://www.onboardmeetings.com/

Reviews: ★★★★ (4.7)
HQ: Indianapolis, USA
Founded: 2003

Board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated. The OnBoard board intelligence platform transforms complicated processes so boards can focus on what matters: Realizing their vision for the organization. Experience a board portal that makes decision-making easier with a system of record for directors, executives, and administrators and intuitive data and analytics on any device, in any place, at any time. Ready to start using OnBoard? Contact us for a free 30-day trial.

#2 BoardPro

Website: https://www.boardpro.com/
Reviews: ★★★★ (4.8)
HQ: Auckland, NZ
Founded: 2015

A board portal for more productive board meetings and smarter decisions. Our affordable and easy-to-use board software helps SMEs and Non Profits streamline their entire board process, increasing efficiency and lifting performance. Administrators work up to 75% more effectively and board members remain focused, contribute more and achieve better outcomes. Starting at $150/month. Up to 40% discount on plans for Non-Profits.

#3 Govenda

Website: https://www.govenda.com/

Reviews: ★★★★ (4.7)
HQ: Pittsburgh, USA
Founded: 2012

Governance is changing rapidly, and Govenda is the board success platform to help accelerate your boards' transition to stakeholder governance and a deeper connection to the bench strength of your organization, shareholders and stakeholders broadly. More than a board portal, Govenda's Board Success Platform is the future of modern governance. Partner with Govenda to reimagine how boards of directors can provide intentional, strategic leadership for key imperatives in a fast-changing world.

#4 Boardable

Website: https://boardable.com/

Reviews: ★★★★ (4.8)

HQ: Indianapolis, USA
Founded: 2016

At Boardable, we know boards. That’s why we built the best board management platform on the market. The last thing you need is more tabs to manage during a mission-critical meeting. We’ve been there, we get it. Trusted by thousands of organizations around the globe, our platform is optimized for virtual collaboration in a single screen. Get a full board management experience at a fair and flexible price - no surprise add-on costs. Explore Boardable today with a live demo.

Here are two newer companies that are trying to innovate on the concept of a board package. If you are a smaller, more forward thinking organization you might want to give them a try: 

#5 Shaparency

Website: https://www.shaparency.com/

Reviews: ★★★★★ (5.0) 

HQ: London, UK
Founded: 2019

A self-service, secure, cost effective and and no contract board management platform for small, medium and growing businesses. 

#6 Zeck

Website: https://www.zeck.app/

Reviews: N/A

HQ: Los Angeles, USA
Founded: 2022

Zeck is totally reimagining the way board decks, board prep, and board governance are approached with its modern solution that allows users to build interactive board decks, comes with pre-loaded board templates for various company types, and is optimized for mobile devices. 

Board Management & Entity Management

Board Management and Subsidiary Entity Management software together form a complete technology stack for legal terms wanting to modernize their governance systems. Athennian is a modern business entity and subsidiary governance platform that powers teams to be transaction, audit, and compliance ready. Legal, finance, and tax professionals use Athennian to automate workflows for ownership, governance, tax, and corporate compliance. 

Athennian is a modern business entity and subsidiary governance platform that powers teams to be transaction, audit, and compliance ready. Legal, finance, and tax professionals use Athennian to automate workflows for ownership, governance, tax, and corporate compliance.

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