Athennian Unlocked: Elevating your Entity Management

Athennian redefines entity management and compliance, offering unparalleled efficiency with our latest product updates. Highlighted in our April 2nd, 2024 Athennian Unlocked webinar, we introduced groundbreaking improvements and features that enhance adaptability and strategic governance.

Discover how Athennian advances your governance strategy:

  • Athennian's Open API: Revolutionize data management with seamless integrations, enhancing Athennian's efficiency.
  • Custom Fields in Entities: Optimize business processes within Athennian, tailoring data tracking to your specific needs.
  • Upcoming Features: Experience elevated global governance with our upcoming custom roles and improved entity data visualization.

Embrace Athennian's latest innovations to redefine excellence in corporate governance and compliance. With our recent advancements, your entity management will not only meet compliance standards but also stay ahead of the curve.

Missed the event? Access the Complete Athennian Unlocked April Webinar Here

Athennian's Open API: Upgrade for a Smarter, more Adaptable Governance Solution

Packages: Professional & Enterprise

The introduction of the Open API signifies a revolutionary step towards customizable data management and integration. This advancement enables seamless interactions between Athennian’s Entity Management Platform and your suite of applications, facilitating a fluid exchange of data that enhances operational agility and efficiency. The importance of this cannot be overstated; in the digital age, the capability to swiftly adapt and integrate systems is critical for success.

A Recap of our First Ever Fixathon

During the last week of March, our Engineering and Development teams embarked on a unique challenge—a dedicated 5-day Fixathon aimed at enhancing our platform's performance and user experience. This initiative wasn't just about identifying and resolving issues; it was about fostering a spirit of collaboration, competition, and innovation within our team. And the results were nothing short of inspiring.

As a result of our team's hard work, we're thrilled to announce that we've successfully implemented 39 enhancements that directly impact your workflows.

Read All About it in our Help Centre Article (here)

Spotlight Feature: Custom Fields in Entities

Packages: Professional & Enterprise

Athennian’s Entity Management Platform now boasts Custom Fields in Entities, offering unparalleled flexibility for tracking vital entity information.

This feature exemplifies our commitment to Compliance Automation Software that meets the diverse needs of global organizations. From tracking DUNS numbers to managing VAT Numbers, Custom Fields ensure that your entity governance technology is equipped to handle all necessary data with precision and efficiency, streamlining your business workflows in the process.

Custom Fields | Take A Look at Custom Fields in Athennian- Product Tour

Coming Soon: Custom Roles and Enhanced Entity Data Visualization

As we look to the future, Athennian is excited to introduce Custom Roles & Section Level Permissions, alongside improved Entity Data Visualization features. These developments are designed to provide tailored information access, supporting effective company growth and ensuring that teams such as tax, treasury, finance, and legal, receive and access the specific data they need. Moreover, with the planned enhancements in Entity Data Visualization, navigating complex ownership structures and understanding entity relationships will become more intuitive, further solidifying Athennian as the comprehensive global governance solution for your teams.

Moving Forward with Athennian: Your Partner in Entity Governance

Athennian is not just about delivering an Entity Management Platform; it’s about providing a holistic solution that addresses every facet of global governance and compliance for your organization. Through continuous innovation, like the introduction of our Open API and enhancements in entity data and fields, we remain committed to empowering organizations to manage their corporate entities with unparalleled efficiency and customization.

Ready to explore how Athennian can revolutionize your entity management and governance strategy? Discover the full potential of our platform and how it can transform your organization's approach to compliance and governance. Book a Live Demo With Our Team

Embrace the future of entity governance and compliance with Athennian. Together, we can redefine what's possible in corporate management and governance, paving the way for a more efficient, compliant, and strategic future.

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"Very easy to use, modern interface, excellent support. Athennian has an amazing conversion team. They helped us migrate all of our data and the training was very good."

Megan W, Director

“When we were reviewing other entity management systems on the market, in some cases, we were not comparing apples to apples. But with Athennian, there was really no comparison. The paralegals were so excited to come on board.”

Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

"There are so many things I like about this program, but the one thing that really stands out is the user friendly interface. The program is fast and allows me to enter corporate information very quickly and efficiently. I would also like to note that Athennian provides the most the fantastic customer service."

Kelly R, Corporate Law Clerk