Change Management Best Practices

When organizational and change management occurs in an institution, it does not need to be a stressful or negative event. This is a systematic process that generally involves handling a transition of technological processes, core values, and organizational goals. Athennian offers entity management software that allows for great collaboration between teams, ease of access to data, and more streamlined workflows. For organizations that seek to update their technology and processes, incorporating change management best practices into their transition will allow for a more beneficial experience.

It is quite reasonable for employees and their managers to feel fear, resistance, and hesitation to change management. Decision-makers in any organization play a significant role in mitigating those fears and helping to promote a positive transition experience. This article will describe some of the best practices when it comes to change management that your team can incorporate. 

Create Efficient Communication Channels

When it comes to communication, whether it’s for a law firm or an in-house legal team, it is one of the most important elements of teamwork that an organization must prioritize. A lack of communication in the legal world can lead to serious ramifications for any casework that is ongoing through change management. 

Not only is efficient communication necessary for the continuity of quality work, it is also a morale booster. No employee likes to be left in the dark, especially when organizational changes are happening. Creating transparency and concise communication about change is a great way to reduce fear and hesitation.

Athennian’s entity management software includes a number of opportunities to ensure employees have clear lines of communication between management. For example, individuals will be able to employ a task manager and virtual minute book, all of which is on a 100% cloud-based computing platform. 

Updates on Technological Transitions

As previously described, a part of employees’ hesitations in change management involves transitioning to new technologies. In order to have a continuity of service, while ensuring a smooth transition, it is important to update employees regarding new policies, software, rules, and procedures involving any technological transitions.

It is also necessary to make sure these updates are easily accessible. Athennian’s 100% cloud-based entity management software allows employees to easily access these updates, whether they work from home or the office. Additionally, cloud-based computing helps to replace outdated technology as it relates to accessing information. 

Employee Engagement

Another step that can mitigate fear and hesitation during change management involves employee engagement. When any level of management begins shifting or transitioning to new processes, whether they are organizational or technological, there is a risk of creating a sense of separation between management and employees.

Instead of allowing employees to feel alienated from the process, it is wiser to include them in the transition. Consider holding meetings where they can present their ideas, critiques, and concerns about any transitions in the organization.

Not only will this present potentially new and innovative ideas, but it will also make employees feel like they are part of the process and that their views are valued by management.

Another suggestion for improving employee engagement is to provide quality training and follow-up for the new systems. This will show employees that you want them to succeed in the new systems, as well as provide clear and reasonable expectations as it relates to their new responsibilities. 

Leadership Unity

Mid-level managers may also experience the same fears and hesitation when it comes to change management. For the decision-makers of any organization, it is important to bring all levels of management on board for any new transitions. 

Similar to the previously mentioned employee engagement process, managers should be integrated into the process so they feel valued and do not feel left in the dark. If a leader for any team or subdivision in an organization feels disgruntled or confused, those issues could spread to the employees they are meant to supervise. Fractious views, especially among leadership, on change management can stifle the process and reduce the ROI for any new transition.

Honesty and Transparency

Employees greatly value honesty and transparency from management during each step of a transition process. Misinformation can spread quickly and can be damaging to morale. In order to quash potential misinformation, it is important to stand in front of any errors or unforeseen consequences as a result of change management. 

Making major organizational changes is rarely 100% free of any challenges or disruptions. When these incidents do happen, whether they are major or minor, your employees should receive transparent explanations in order to avoid the spread of misinformation. 

Define Goals and Objectives

When employees are presented with an organizational or technological change, they may ask themselves, “What is the point of this?” Both paralegals and lawyers often feel like they are overworked and have a lot on their plate. When they are presented with significant incoming change, it can be overwhelming.

Instead of simply telling employees that change management is occurring, it would be wise to list out goals and objectives.

For example, outdated software and inefficient technology can easily create redundant and unnecessary procedures. The solution to part of this is to create more automated processes to save employees time from performing manual tasks that reduce their ROI. Athennian entity management software recognizes the issues that arise from outdated manual processes and works with teams to automate more paperwork and allow them to work more collaboratively. 

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