The 5 Pillars of Streamlined Entities

Streamlining operations is at the forefront of all businesses especially if there are multiple entities involved. When a business is divided into multiple locations, branches, or systems, trying to find the balance between growth and communication can be a struggle. But with the right type of entity management software, multi-pronged processes and hierarchy can be streamlined to achieve an effective and efficient workplace. 

Without the use of technology, corporations who are dealing with multiple entities will have a hard time, especially when dealing with systems that are independent of each other and don’t work together. This will yield negative results to the operational success of the company and will bring down productivity and transparency which leads to opportunity loss. 

Having systems that are not working congruently with each other will lead to wasted resources and inefficient processes. To avoid this, corporations should strive to work together, find a way to streamline processes, and improve enterprise-wide collaboration between departments and colleagues. 

With new developments in entity management software, bringing company data together in one place is an easy fix because of cloud-based solutions. This enables users to find the information that they are looking for easily so that they can save time and perform their tasks efficiently. 

Why is Streamlining Entities Important?

When you are working with a multi-national corporation, having different entities or subsidiaries under one organization is very common. The biggest struggle with this type of scenario is an obvious disconnect within different entities because of a breakdown in the streamlining process. 

Streamlining entities through the use of entity management software is important so that the messaging is constant from the top-down. This also creates a vision of one corporation that has different entities under it who are constantly collaborating to improve the efficiency and profitability of the company. 

By having a cloud-based entity management software, collaboration between entities has never been easier. Regardless of location or time zone differences, it is a central place where the different entities can enhance their communication with each other and increase collaborative efforts. 

Streamlining entities is also important for businesses to achieve their full potential, and at the same time minimize risks. With this process, repetitive tasks and entities are removed which makes the process flow seamlessly among different entities. 

The 5 Pillars of Streamlining Entities

Streamlining entities can be an overwhelming process and a gigantic undertaking that companies will have to go under to improve efficiencies and make the business stronger. If you are unsure of where to start, here are the 5 different pillars of streamlining entities that you can start with:

1. Virtual Minute Books

Virtual minute books are made up of a company’s corporate filing papers, resolutions, by-laws, and other organizational documents found in a secured and shared workplace. The beauty of these virtual books is that they can be easily retrievable, downloadable, and shareable. When a client requests a virtual minute book, you can easily send it to him through e-mail and he will have it within minutes. 

2. Document Automation

Document automation uses technology and automation to pre-fill documents by pulling data from a secured source and applying it to appropriate fields. This type of automation utilizes templates that can be customizable and can include texts, pictures, and graphs. The main advantage of document automation is that it can save a lot of time especially if a corporation is involved with filling out multiple forms. With automation, the data that is collected is accurate, and in compliance. 

Once the document is automated, it can be transmitted or shared easily which streamlines the processes needed to reach the goal. Automating documents frees up time that can be attributed to other responsibilities and will eventually increase the productivity levels of a company. 

3. Integrations with Commonly Used Software

When you are using entity management software, you can opt to have it integrated with other everyday software solutions that you are utilizing. This multiplies the power of the software solution that you are using and minimizes repetitive action because the data between the two systems can be integrated. 

4. Organization Charts

An organization chart shows the entire hierarchy and internal structure of a company. This is essential because it can also explain the decision-making process and where the decision-makers lie in the org charts. Organization charts can be complex especially when dealing with different entities because there might be some common players or officers within different entities which is a common occurrence. 

By having all the organization charts in one centralized, cloud-based location inside an entity management software, the information can be pulled up easily when needed. It is also easy to make changes to organization charts in real-time which provides accuracy and transparency. 

5. Deadlines and Reminder Tracking

Meeting deadlines are important, especially for time-sensitive matters that need to be handled right away. Missed deadlines can lead to missed opportunities, and less profitability and can lead to lower employee morale. With the use of entity management software, the corporation can track deadlines and set up reminders for key users who are involved in the project to keep everybody on the same page. 

If you are unsure of where to begin or have questions about the use of entity management software when it comes to streamlining entities, speak to an entity management expert today. Athennian offers a wide array of solutions and services that you can utilize to help you with streamlining entities. With the help of cloud-based technology solutions, we can help you reach your goal of effectively managing your business operations.

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