August Updates at Athennian: Enhancing Efficiency and Functionality

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Sydney Lawson

As we strive to provide you with an exceptional experience, we're excited to announce a series of updates and improvements to Athennian this month. These updates are designed to make your workflows smoother, document generation more versatile, reporting more insightful, and navigation more intuitive. Let's dive into the details of what's new:

1. EARLY ACCESS: Reduce number of clicks by 50% through streamlined data entry for Addresses, Principals, Affiliations and Registrations workflows.

We understand that time is of the essence, and every click matters. That's why we've focused on optimizing workflows to reduce clicks by half, empowering you to achieve more in less time. Our core data entry workflow pop-up windows for Addresses, Principals, Affiliations, and Registrations have been meticulously redesigned to enhance user-friendliness. Moreover, we've combined the Shared and Profile Addresses into a single, unified Addresses Section. With consistent layouts across all sections, you can now navigate seamlessly through Principals, Addresses, Registrations, and Affiliations.

2. Bulk Document Generation Made Easy

Our Bulk Document Generation (BDG) feature is now even more versatile. We've extended the functionality to support the General Task type, allowing you to effortlessly create bulk Corporate Summaries. In addition, you can now merge the documents generated into a single file, simplifying your document management process. Whether you're generating Corporate Summaries for multiple entities or compiling documents for internal review, BDG has got you covered.

3. Custom Reports Tailored to Your Needs

Customizing your reports has never been easier. With our latest updates, you can add columns to reports from other sources of data, offering enhanced insights. For instance, you can include a Responsible Professional affiliation to enrich your reports. Our new Column Editor feature empowers you to remove columns when additional information is returned for Affiliations, enabling you to fine-tune your reports. The introduction of AND & OR Filters for pulling comprehensive reports provides you with greater flexibility. And with the new 'All' Tab, you can conveniently view all your data in one place.

4. EARLY ACCESS: Seamless Global Navigation

We've revamped our Global Navigation to provide a smoother, more cohesive experience. By combining pages with similar information, we've simplified the Navigation Menu. We've also taken care to revise section labels to accurately reflect their content, making navigation more intuitive. Furthermore, we've aligned the People and Entity records sections for a more harmonious user interface. As part of these improvements, we've also bid farewell to the holding contact, streamlining your interactions within the platform.

Updates to Next Gen workflows. We heard you. 

We’ve created this dashboard to communicate the changes in our Next Gen release, and what we’re updating to reduce friction for your teams. Urgent improvements are being made to address custom reports, addresses, bulk document generation, section labelling, entity search and general UX. Through this page we’ll be keeping you up to date with what we are working on, what is scheduled, and what has been released.

These August updates at Athennian are aimed at enhancing your experience across the board. We're committed to continuously improving our platform to meet your evolving needs. Whether it's optimizing workflows, expanding document generation capabilities, customizing reports, or refining navigation, we're dedicated to making your journey with Athennian as smooth and efficient as possible. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to empower your legal entity management tasks.

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"Very easy to use, modern interface, excellent support. Athennian has an amazing conversion team. They helped us migrate all of our data and the training was very good."

Megan W, Director

“When we were reviewing other entity management systems on the market, in some cases, we were not comparing apples to apples. But with Athennian, there was really no comparison. The paralegals were so excited to come on board.”

Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

"There are so many things I like about this program, but the one thing that really stands out is the user friendly interface. The program is fast and allows me to enter corporate information very quickly and efficiently. I would also like to note that Athennian provides the most the fantastic customer service."

Kelly R, Corporate Law Clerk