Improved Charts: Summer 2022 Release! 

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Jordan Rindahl

What is it?

In August 2020, Athennian acquired Redox Technologies, a software company focused on building corporate charts. This was our first step to offering charts that represent the corporate structure of a group of entities better, more efficiently, and more intuitively than before. 

The main initiative of this project was to replace our initial charting engine with Redox, enabling us to ensure data integrity in charts and more accurately structure data in an easy-to-use interface. With this new engine, we have opened the door to take our charts to the next level. At first glance, this will be most noticeable through the cleaner and more modern appearance. 

You can expect to be able to do everything you can do in our previous charts, plus more. With the upgraded engine comes some new and exciting features. Read on to learn about what you can expect with this new update in Athennian.

What’s New?

Explore Athennian’s new charting capabilities through a self-guided, interactive product tour.

Multi-Parent Ownership

When two or more entities hold equity interests in a subsidiary, multiple relationship lines will be reflected with a line from each respective parent entity to the relevant subsidiary.

Hook Stock (Circular Reference)

When a child entity holds an ownership interest in a parent, it is typically referred to as hook stock or circular reference. This will be reflected in this release. 

Upward Connections

In this release, you will be able to view both an entity’s subsidiaries and parents. 

New Formats for Exported Charts

In addition to the SVG format currently available, this release will add the ability to download charts in PDF and PNG formats.  

Show/Hide Entity Details 

This allows you to view a more consolidated chart showing only the entity name, or reveal all available details on the entity (Entity Registration ID, Tax ID Number, Formation Date, Country, Region).

Updated Representation of Entity Types and Tax Structures 

Each entity is represented as a rectangle. Entity type or tax structure will be represented as a symbol in the bottom right corner of the larger rectangle. If a tax structure is set, the tax structure is represented and will take precedence over any entity type. 

What’s Next? 

We’re excited to continue innovating Athennian’s charting capabilities based on user feedback and industry best practices. 

Explore Athennian’s new charting capabilities through a self-guided, interactive product tour.

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