Access Reliable & Credible Data for Global Due Diligence Programs

Stay ahead of emerging risks by centralizing client and business data in one intuitive platform.
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Create and Strengthen Comprehensive KYC & AML Processes

Access reports, generate documents and receive customized notifications specific to beneficial ownership, corporate transparency, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, ESG and more.
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Confidently Verify & Manage Customer & Client Data

Use Athennian’s intuitive workflow platform to automate compliance processes. Protect your organization and ensure the ethical conduct of your clients by centralizing compliance data in one place.
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Go Beyond Standard Compliance

Quickly access and share local and international financial and ownership records in one platform. View, modify, share and verify the data you need to comply with today’s regulatory standards.
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Take the Quiz: Is It Time to Upgrade How Your Entities Are Managed?

In the corporate legal industry, proper data cleanliness and corporate governance bear a productive and profitable organization. Having elevated entity management processes is integral to efficient operations, enhanced client communication, and effective workflows.
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“Athennian has improved our processes and we’re able to find the answers we need in 5 minutes or less. As an example - it used to take us hours to find authorized signatories. Now, I open up my resolutions in Athennian, scroll through my notes, and I can find the information I need quickly.”
Paralegal Manager
Multi-Strategy Alternative Asset Management Firm

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Gain Real-Time Visibility into Relevant Risk Data

Strengthen your KYC and AML processes by centralizing and automating key compliance workflows. Utilize document generation tools that support multiple languages, providing the ability to conduct your processes globally.
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