Operations, HR & ESG

Automate Manual Operations Processes

Make measurable progress on Operations goals. Streamline compliance data, HR processes, diversity, board management and audit reporting in one intuitive platform.
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Lead The Way With Environmental, Social & Governance Goals (ESG)

Stay on top of reporting with customized, one-click reports. Get a holistic view of business insights by managing ESG in the same platform as governance, risk and compliance initiatives.
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Automate Notifications, Reports and Documents

Keep a close eye on Operations metrics with automated notifications to alert the appropriate person when red flags come up. Populate documents with existing data to make processes more accurate and consistent.
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Drive Diversity At Your Organization

Diversity, varied experience, and unique skill sets distinguish successful teams from the rest. Identify areas of improvement in your hiring strategy, manage new regulatory complexities and create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive team.
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Advancing ESG in 2023: The Future of Corporate Responsibility

Over the past decade, corporate stakeholders have become more concerned about environmental, social, and governance factors. This ebook explores investor sentiment about ESG reporting, hones in on governance trends in North America, and discusses the emergence of the ESG Officer.

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Organized and accessible entity management bears a productive and profitable organization. Having proper maintenance and timely filings is integral to efficient processes, enhanced client communication, and productive workflows.Here are real stories from Athennian users who've upgraded their entity management to cloud-based, secure, and intuitive software!

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Centralize Operations & Compliance Data

Implement a centralized, intuitive platform to automate manual and administrative operations tasks.
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