July 4, 2022

Law.com Names Athennian an Upcoming Legal Tech "Unicorn"

Last month, Law.com interviewed Legalcomplex founder and author Raymond Blijd on the financial surge in the legal tech landscape, reflecting “an active market that’s rapidly expanding.”

Athennian is thrilled to be among the 12 companies Blijd named that could potentially reach “Unicorn Status.” This nomination comes from Athennian’s recent Series B funding announcement.

At Athennian’s conception in 2017, we set out on a mission to solve the problem of poor corporate record-keeping, fragmented spreadsheets, and unreliable databases that limited collaboration and hindered corporate transparency. As the first innovative software that powers legal, tax, and finance teams to seamlessly digitize, streamline and manage business entities and company structures, Athennian has found tremendous success.

In the past two years, Athennian has seen rapid growth with a 10x increase in annual recurring revenue. We’re proud to declare we’ve reached over 2,500 users and have nearly 400,000 business entities managed on its platform.

According to Law.com, the rise of these high valuation legal technologies indicates industry health, a conversation about the future of M&As, and the function of investors in the legal sector. 

Athennian Legal Tech Unicorn