6 Practical Benefits Of Automation For Law Firms

The benefits of cloud technology should not be underestimated. Here are a few practical benefits of automation that can help your law firm scale productivity, without scaling overhead:

  1. Get more done in less time. 

High on the list of real world benefits of automation, is productivity. Paralegals teams spend far less time preparing and organizing documents when they can click a few buttons and have data auto-populate in a pre-created template. This opens up more time for billable tasks, therefore enhancing profitability. This is particularly important if your law firm is facing pressures to get more done with less resources. 

  1. Gain a competitive advantage. 

For law firms, document automation can be a powerful marketing tool. Your clients want to see that their law firm is using innovative technology to do work for them in the most efficient way possible. The confidence of your clients, and therefore referrals, will increase once they understand how your firm delivers quality service, with reliable speed. 

  1. Save money in document creation and processing. 

Cutting costs is one of the primary reasons why law firms love automation. You don’t have to hire extra paralegals or legal assistants to work through stacks of documents. With automation, law firms also save money on supplies - no more trips to the store to buy paper, files, folders, paper clips, staples, etc. By saving money with document automation, you can invest in other areas of the firm that need it. 

  1. Enhance quality and accuracy of documents. 

Copying and pasting data from one spreadsheet to another just won’t cut it. This often results in typos and errors that even the most careful proofreaders may miss, and this has a big impact on compliance and risk. Automation allows documents to be automatically populated with key information, removing manual processes that contribute to data errors. 

  1. Become more responsive to clients. 

Another major benefit of automation is the ability to give clients the answers they need quickly. When you’re preparing documents for a client, you can deliver them in a fraction of the time it would have taken using manual methods. A faster and more relevant response means happier clients and more accelerated growth. 

  1. Standardize document format and content. 

By creating document templates and having information populate in the appropriate fields, legal teams can easily standardize documentation to improve consistency and efficiency. Business rules and approved language are stored in Athennian and can be easily accessed by team members. This keeps everyone on the same page, and ensures that everyone is working from the same library of documents. 

Automation frees up time for legal professionals for tasks where their expertise is more valuable, such as developing strategy, providing advice, or completing billable tasks. By eliminating manual processes found in spreadsheets and outdated legal software, teams can get more done in less time. This allows law firms to scale their productivity, without scaling their overhead.

Read our Law Firm Use Case to see how law firms take advantage of automation to free up billable hours. 

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