Legal Innovation: Where to Begin?

Traditionally, the legal industry has been hesitant to embrace technology due to its longstanding history of ceremony and heritage. Commitment to technology is a new milestone in the legal landscape that is rapidly growing each day; however, an industry as novice to the benefits of technology as ours is may need guidance navigating different service providers. In fact, 38% of legal professionals struggle to assess the appropriate software solutions for their organization’s needs. 

What Are Your Challenges?

Before you can evaluate a software’s solutions, you must fully understand your unique needs. What does your organization struggle with? Where would you like to see improvements? Perhaps your team faces daily inefficiencies in task management or has difficulty collaborating interdepartmentally. With a detailed outline of your current situation, the path forward becomes more apparent.

Why Do You Face These Challenges?

Maybe your team’s task management needs improvement because your calendars and to-do lists lack alignment. Or, you struggle with cross departmental collaboration because data is siloed within different areas of the organization. Find potential causes for each problem in your workplace.

How Have Others Solved Similar Issues? 

Explore software case studies and reviews to see if existing customers have run up against the same hurdles as you. Did they find relief through their new software? Look for the features they rave about, and ask yourself if these align with your needs. 

Evaluate a Platforms Responsiveness

This step is especially critical for teams new to software services. If you anticipate friction in the adoption process, finding a solution with dedicated customer support is integral. Remember: modern and intuitive software grows with you. Find out if your potential new platform listens to user feedback. Will it adapt its features to solve the unmet needs of its clients? Ensure that your provider has the infrastructure to support you every step of the way. 

Looking to Adopt an Entity Management System?

Investing in a purpose-built entity management platform is the best way to ensure that you have the specialized functions you need to optimize your team's productivity. For first steps and best practices for choosing the right entity management software, download our Entity Management Starter Kit, where you’ll find case studies from real users, an assessment checklist, and more!

Entity Management Software

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Megan W, Director

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Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

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