Athennian's Q2 Release Recap

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Sydney Lawson

Welcome to Athennian's Q2 release recap! In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the exciting features that have been introduced to enhance your experience with Athennian. From new custom fields, non-ownership based relationships and new customization options, this release is designed to drive collaboration, efficiency, and informed decision-making across your organization. Let's dive in!

Custom Fields for Improved Collaboration

The addition of the Custom Fields Add-On in Athennian opens up a world of possibilities for tracking unique data points. Whether it's capturing Business Unit, Fund Complex, Sold Date, or any other specific information, Custom Fields seamlessly integrate into reporting, document generation, and analytics. This powerful tool empowers you to tailor Athennian to your specific business needs, enabling improved collaboration, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

This customization potential sets Athennian apart as a highly adaptable platform that can seamlessly integrate with various reporting, document generation, and analytics processes. The ability to tailor Athennian to specific requirements enables organizations to drive improved collaboration, efficiency, and decision-making, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

“The introduction of Custom Fields enables organizations to adapt Athennian to their unique needs, ensuring improved efficiency and data-driven decision-making. At Athennian, we're dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that set us apart in the market and provide our clients with a competitive edge." - Kyle Marks, Director, Product Growth

Unlocking Insights with Non-Ownership Based Relationships

Athennian's Charts feature now allows you to create new, non-ownership based relationships.

The introduction of non-ownership based relationships in Charts demonstrates the platform's commitment to empowering executive decision-making. By providing a comprehensive view of relationships, Athennian goes beyond traditional ownership-based perspectives, uncovering hidden patterns and insights that may not be readily apparent. 

"The introduction of non-ownership based relationships in Charts has given executives the ability to gain deeper, more holistics insights and make better informed decisions. These powerful features, combined with our commitment to continuous improvement, differentiate Athennian as a leading solution that enables organizations to excel in their legal operations. We're excited to see the positive impact these enhancements will have on our clients' productivity and success." - Akshay Kumar, VP, Product

Opt-In Beta: Communicate Minute Book Status with Stamps

Designed to enhance transparency and communication within your organization, this innovative tool empowers users to add stamps directly to their minute books, providing real-time updates on the status of crucial documents. With just a few clicks, teams can now effortlessly mark the progress of documents, ensuring everyone is on the same page and informed of any developments. Athennian's commitment to simplifying corporate governance shines through with this addition, fostering seamless collaboration and enhancing internal workflows. 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in this feature. 

The Q2 release of Athennian has brought a range of powerful features to the table. Explore more new features by visiting our Help Center. 

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"Very easy to use, modern interface, excellent support. Athennian has an amazing conversion team. They helped us migrate all of our data and the training was very good."

Megan W, Director

“When we were reviewing other entity management systems on the market, in some cases, we were not comparing apples to apples. But with Athennian, there was really no comparison. The paralegals were so excited to come on board.”

Linda Escobar, Senior Paralegal

"There are so many things I like about this program, but the one thing that really stands out is the user friendly interface. The program is fast and allows me to enter corporate information very quickly and efficiently. I would also like to note that Athennian provides the most the fantastic customer service."

Kelly R, Corporate Law Clerk