Latest From Product: Introducing Bulk Edit Stock Transactions

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Jordan Rindahl

Closing dates, per-share purchase prices and other variables often change during a transaction. Updating each variable one-by-one across dozens or hundreds of issuances is extremely time consuming.

You want to be able to easily select several transactions and make one bulk edit, instead of having to go back and forth to make the same edit multiple times.

That’s where our new feature comes in - Bulk Transaction Editing. Bulk Transaction Editing enables you to select multiple transactions and update common variables at once such as closing dates and share prices, freeing you to generate updated documents, cap tables, registers or certificates with updated information in real-time.

Bulk editing in Athennian is a fast and easy way to work through hundreds of transaction updates in minutes, not hours. Bulk Transaction Editing also reduces the risk of human error, causing inaccurate data to be entered. This update mitigates risk by allowing you to update several transactions at once and review your changes before publishing them.

Bulk Transaction Editing in Athennian is a big step forward to boosting your productivity and saving you time in your day-to-day entity management.

Solution: Bulk editing - a fast, new way to manage and update transactions.

In Athennian, you can now easily select multiple transactions and edit them at once, saving time and effort. See how it works below.

Select multiple transactions and make edits in bulk.

Edit transactions simultaneously. Change their status from pending to confirmed.

Preview your changes, ensure the transaction information is accurate, and easily update them all with one click.

The value of bulk edit is immediately evident.

Athennian’s Bulk Transaction Edit update allows you to quickly select existing transactions and update them at the same time. The preview box allows you to review transaction update information at a glance to ensure accuracy of edits. This saves hours of manual effort, improves accuracy of data, and frees up your time for higher-value work.

By reducing workload and minimizing hundreds of clicks into just a few, legal teams can save time, increase accuracy, and be more productive. With bulk editing, it’s never been faster - and easier - to organize, edit and manage securities transactions.

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