“Athennian provides a viable, cost effective and secure solution that our clients love.”


Farm Business Consultants leverages Athennian to provide digital corporate compliance services to their rural and small business customers.
FBC launches a new Minute Book Management service for their members using Athennian legal tech software  

November 8, 2018

FBC Canada is a third generation, Calgary based national accounting firm. For over 65 years, they have worked with Canadian farm and small business owners to minimize their income taxes and maximize their assets. Providing tax planning, consulting, audit protection with year round access and advice on yearly subscription basis they help members run their businesses better. ​FBC partnered with Athennian, a Calgary-based legal technology company, to introduce a new Minute Book management service to their incorporated members.  

“At FBC, we are always looking for new value added services for our members. We formed a partnership with Athennian to provide a new minute book management service” says Steve Ibbotson, General Manager, FBC ​. ​With this new offering to their membership they increased the number of new incorporations FY’18 by 300% and exceeded the uptake of Minute Books that they expected to offer with this new service by 20%. “Athennian provides a viable, cost effective and secure solution that our clients love.” says Steve Ibbotson.

“Minute Books are not sexy by any means but providing this service alleviates a legal obligation and risk for our members.” says Landon Orchard, Manager, Member Experience, FBC. From a client success perspective Landon states “Athennian looks beyond automating a process. They are continuously innovating, gathering our feedback and looking to the future of data intelligence to allow us at FBC to provide the best advice and experience for our clients.”  
“At Athennian our objective is to provide professional services firms and their clients the ability to collaborate and keep an important data source close, up to date and secure” says Adrian Camara, CEO Athennian.  

“With the Athennian platform, FBC is able to provide a new value add service to our members that ensures that they keep their records in order and affects client retention in a positive way” says Landon Orchard. “We can now provide one stop shopping and secure virtual access to corporate records in one central location for FBC and our members. The feedback that we have received from our members is that this is a cost effective, secure and valuable service that makes them feel confident that we are taking care of them.” says Landon Orchard.