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Make Better Informed Decisions With a Comprehensive Governance Platform

Stakeholders often have to navigate disparate tools, data, and processes to get the answers they need. Facilitate informed decision-making through Athennian’s accurate, centralized governance data platform.
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Build Investor Confidence and Stakeholder Engagement

Empower high-performing boards and teams to improve processes through self-serve digital dashboards, secure cloud-based communication and easily accessible documents and reports.
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Manage Entity Data From A Centralized Corporate Record

Accelerate governance procedures and streamline entity management. Easily manage subsidiary data, shareholders, boards, committees and their regulatory needs in one intuitive platform.
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Reduce Risk and Improve Company-Wide Confidence

Transform how your team collects, stores, reviews, modifies and makes decisions based on data. Accelerate progress on key tasks and quickly identify red flags and new business opportunities.
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Best Practices in Corporate Subsidiary Management

Corporate entity information is business-critical data that makes its way into nearly every business process. Most seasoned legal professionals have seen transactions delayed because subsidiaries are not in good standing, have outdated appointee records, or encounter other administrative friction.
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"I would tell any legal operations team to consider Athennian because it will save time. It will create organization and processes that you can roll out to multiple teams and allow full visibility and transparency for your entities around the world."
Deanna Venello
Legal Operations Manager
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Turn Governance Best Practices into Your Team’s Standard

Build and support sustainable governance programs, manage regulatory compliance and maintain entity and shareholder data in one place.
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