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Build a Culture of ESG Governance

Most corporate scandals occur at the subsidiary level. A modern subsidiary governance framework is an essential part of your ESG strategy by increasing control and visibility over your entire corporate footprint.
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Modernize governance operations.

Manage your subsidiary appointments, meetings, committees, governance audits, and signing authorities with modern digital tools.
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Streamline governance reporting.

Produce reports and corporate documents for boards, committees, shareholders and regulators in minutes, not weeks.
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Formalize compliance.

From annual reports to securities filings, forecast your compliance obligations to plan resources and organize approvals proactively not reactively.
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Advancing ESG in 2023: The Future of Corporate Responsibility

Over the past decade, corporate stakeholders have become more concerned about environmental, social, and governance factors. This ebook explores investor sentiment about ESG reporting, hones in on governance trends in North America, and discusses the emergence of the ESG Officer.
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"I would tell any legal operations team to consider Athennian because it will save time. It will create organization and processes that you can roll out to multiple teams and allow full visibility and transparency for your entities around the world."
Deanna Venello
Legal Operations Manager
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Turn Governance Best Practices into Your Team’s Standard

Build and support sustainable governance programs, manage regulatory compliance and maintain entity and shareholder data in one place.
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