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Instantly report detailed data on your corporate structure to accelerate accurate group tax returns, audits, transfer pricing, and tax analysis.
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Structure charts, instantly.

Athennian organizes complex ownership relationships so you can automate charts to visualize relevant relationships at points in time for tax returns and analysis.
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Compress audits from weeks to days.

Never go on a scavenger hunt to produce corporate records again. Athennian consolidates all your records into a single source of truth to seamlessly share for tax, insurance and other audits.
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Accurate transaction planning requires accurate corporate structure data.

Access ownership and control data, structure charts, and corporate documents to collaborate across legal and finance teams for tax-driven transactions.
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The Devastating Effects of Mismanaged Subsidiary Governance: How You Can Learn from The Mistakes of Large Corporations

This webinar, hosted by Adrian Camara (Co-founder & CEO of Athennian) and Paul Sutton (Founder of LCN Legal), will dive into a causal analysis of corporate blunders and oversights that have led to severe financial and criminal penalties. Discover tangible ways to prevent the mismanagement of corporate data and transfer pricing that befell these large companies.

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“At FBC, we are always looking for new value added services for our members. We worked with Athennian to provide a new minute book management service” says Steve Ibbotson, General Manager, FBC. With this new offering to their membership they increased the number of new incorporations by 300% and exceeded the uptake of minute books that they expected to offer with this new service by 20%. “Athennian provides a viable, cost effective and secure solution that our clients love.” says Steve Ibbotson.

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Build a culture of ethical, compliant decision-making with accurate data at your fingertips. Protect sensitive information and deliver assurance to stakeholders and executives through comprehensive audit trails, shareable reports, and transparent workflows.
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