Regulatory Compliance Management

Do you know the truth about your subsidiaries' compliance status?

Gain visibility and control over your subsidiaries' compliance obligations before they compound into material risk.
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Go from out of control to under control.

From annual reports to securities filings, forecast your compliance obligations to plan resources and organize approvals proactively not reactively.
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Scale processes, not people.

Leverage your human capital to do high value tasks like deals and governance, not go on scavenger hunts and create documents manually for regulatory filings.
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End the email loops with your law firms and global service providers.

Collaborate with your law firms and global vendors with permission access to your Athennian account for real-time collaboration.
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How Technologies Bolster Corporate Compliance and Mitigate Risk

Written by Orbiter Marketing and Peter Nguyen (SVP, Legal, Associate General Counsel, and Assistant Corporate Secretary of The Descartes Systems Group Inc.) this eBook outlines how changing regulations have stress-tested the ability of corporations to respond swiftly. Meanwhile, reputation management has never been more important - as the lines between negative public sentiment and regulator enforcement grow closer. Good corporate governance is both increasingly demanding and more difficult.

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"I would tell any legal operations team to consider Athennian because it will save time. It will create organization and processes that you can roll out to multiple teams and allow full visibility and transparency for your entities around the world.

Deanna Venello
Legal Operations Manager
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Regain Control Over Compliance & Regulations

Monitor compliance activities, automate regulatory workflows, and create organization-wide visibility in one place. Prioritize compliance and reporting obligations with Athennian’s intuitive and data-driven compliance tools that are fully traceable.
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