Regulatory Compliance Management

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance & Achieve Transparency For Your Organization

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance obligations, prioritize changing regulations and centralize compliance management in one place.
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Effectively Manage Complex and Changing Compliance Requirements

Unlock best-in-class security standards and workflows to automate annual reports, filings, ownership, and more. Protect your organization from risks that could result in fraud, fines, and loss of business.
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Confidently Comply With National & International Legislation

Manage ultimate beneficial ownership and corporate transparency and easily report through our direct government integrations. Stay on top of changing legislation with our weekly platform updates and immediately embed new policy changes into your workflows.
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Co-Ordinate and Automate Regulatory Compliance

Reduce administrative costs and remove the need for additional third-party resources by automating manual processes such as creating annual filing documentation, drafting business licenses, monitoring regulatory changes, and pulling audit reports.
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How Legal Technologies Bolster Corporate Compliance and Mitigate Risk

Written by Orbiter Marketing and Peter Nguyen (SVP, Legal, Associate General Counsel, and Assistant Corporate Secretary of The Descartes Systems Group Inc.) this eBook outlines how changing regulations have stress-tested the ability of corporations to respond swiftly. Meanwhile, reputation management has never been more important - as the lines between negative public sentiment and regulator enforcement grow closer. Good corporate governance is both increasingly demanding and more difficult.
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"I would tell any legal operations team to consider Athennian because it will save time. It will create organization and processes that you can roll out to multiple teams and allow full visibility and transparency for your entities around the world."
Deanna Venello
Legal Operations Manager
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Regain Control Over Compliance & Regulations

Monitor compliance activities, automate regulatory workflows, and create organization-wide visibility in one place. Prioritize compliance and reporting obligations with Athennian’s intuitive and data-driven compliance tools that are fully traceable.
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