Entity Management & Workflow Automation for Asset Management

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Increase client confidence and find the answers you need in seconds by centralizing business data in Athennian. Unlock best-in-class security standards and workflows to automate reporting, compliance, regulatory workflows, ownership, and more.
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Multi-Strategy Asset Manager improves data accuracy with Athennian

“Athennian has improved our processes and we’re able to find the answers we need in 5 minutes or less. As an example - it used to take us hours to find authorized signatories. Now, I open up my resolutions in Athennian, scroll through my notes, and I can find the information I need quickly.”

Paralegal Manager
In-House Legal Department

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Access & Transparency For Your Entire Team

Quickly access local and international financial and ownership records. View, modify and share detailed equity structures in just a few clicks. Manage entities, ownership and compliance data in one place to create corporate transparency.

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Centralize Ownership & Shareholder Data

Access equity ownership capital, shareholder data and tax information through easy-to-export cap tables. Protect your organization and ensure ethical conduct by centralizing ownership data in one place.
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Confidently Verify and Manage Client Data

Complete filings, share transfers, dividend payments, and more using Athennian’s intuitive task management workflow. Automatically generate documents for simple transactions, or unique, multi-step workflows. 
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Athennian Helps Asset Managers Increase Business Velocity

Read frequently asked questions and download our Guide for Asset Managers.
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Central Source of Truth for Private Equity & Asset Management.

Digitally transform governance, risk and compliance practices with Athennian.
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