July 22, 2022

Athennian Co-hosts CLOC Talk: How to Make the Business Move Faster

This month Athennian had the exciting opportunity to co-host an episode of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s podcast, CLOC Talk. Athennian’s Kyle Marks spoke at length with host Jennifer McCarron (Legal Operations, Netflix) and legal operations leaders Carl Morrison and Tom Stephenson about their roles and the critical tech components that streamline their day-to-day operations. 

Building a Tech Stack: How Legal Ops Can Leverage Data to Make the Business Move Faster

A tech stack, or tech portfolio, is defined as the software tools a department leverages for its day-to-day workload. The right tech tools can transform your team's work, freeing up your workload so you can focus on higher-value tasks. Over the past five years, the legal operations industry has seen tremendous growth in tech investment.

“Innovating in the legal ecosystem [is] something we know all too well,” McCarron says to open up the podcast. She explains that a key reason for technology investment is improving day-to-day operations. “How do we change the work our paralegals and contract administrators are doing––[take] the sweat off their backs?” McCarron asks.

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To learn more about how to build a successful tech stack that boosts your legal operations role, you can read “Building a Legal Operations Toolkit.”