Migrating your entity data to a new software platform doesn’t have to be scary.

We know your entity data is business critical. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Entity data can be a labyrinth of formats, organizational challenges, and other unique complexities. That's why Athennian’s migration team is committed to a cost-effective and secure migration process that supports the intricacies of your business.

Athennian adeptly migrates Spreadsheets, PDFs, paper minute books, and all existing data in your current entity management system for you.

At Athennian, We’re Migration Experts.

Our specialized migration teams have migrated hundreds of thousands of corporate records cleanly, accurately, and expertly. In the past year alone, we’ve completed over 100 migration projects, with a specialized team for every step of the process:

A delivery team to train, guide, and support you through the migration process.

An engineering team dedicated to careful and accurate data migration. They work behind the scenes to ensure your data is protected and organized.

A services team to provide customized services, including template customization, data entry, and minute book health checks.

A customer success team that advocates for you and guides you through your long-term partnership with Athennian.

Learn how Athennian helped a national Canadian law firm seamlessly migrate data from two regional databases.
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Our Proven Entity Data Migration Process

We migrate your entity data using our proven three-step process:


We conduct discovery workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of your data and how your team interacts with it. We create templates for your unique needs and start user training.

Data Verification

We conduct a thorough review of your migrated data using our data cleanliness and accuracy tools. Athennian tracks all changes in a detailed audit log.


You start using Athennian! Rest assured, our relationship doesn’t end here. Our responsive support team is available to you whenever you need it.

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