Let Athennian Do The Heavy Lifting

Qualified Paralegals + Best-in-Class Technology = An Essential Resource For Any Small Law Firm

Every law professional knows that the priority is always the client. Our professional back-office operations team, Minit, offers paralegal services to companies who wish to hand off the administrative burdens of late annual returns, unplanned registry expenses, and missing resolutions so they can focus on what matters most.

Premium Assistance When You Need It

With a growing business, it can be easy to fall behind on administrative tasks. Minit, Athennian’s back-office professional services team, can jump in when you need a hand wading through documents, minute books, and templates by leveraging Athennian’s scalable and modern entity management platform. We keep your documents under control, up to date, and easily accessible.

Extra Hands on Deck So You Get More Done

Never Miss Another Deadline

Our specialized team makes sure your filings are up to date and accurately executed every time.

Access From Anywhere in the World

Athennian’s cloud-based platform has the ability for remote access and collaboration in real-time.

Expand Convenience for Clients

Athennian’s cloud-based technology and advanced software integrations allow your clients to access their digital minute books, documents and entity data from anywhere.

Autogenerate Your Documents

Our coding experts create custom templates designed for your specific needs. Draft and populate them with entity data with the click of a button!

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