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Managing Corporate Transparency

With so many beneficial ownership requirements, it’s overwhelming to manage corporate transparency in an easy, accessible and secure way. Athennian helps you:

  • Easily manage beneficial ownership with your data as it currently exists.
  • Generate documents and reports in seconds to provide clarity into corporate transparency.
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Athennian Overview

First impressions mean everything, especially for complex digital tools.

See how Athennian:

  • Improves productivity through self-service digital experiences
  • Saves time with powerful workflows and automation
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Top Law Firm Workflows

Athennian makes it easy for law firms to package and economize entity management.

Take this tour to:

  • View the top workflows that law firm teams use to increase productivity
  • Interact with digital innovation through e-file, eSignature, localization, and more.
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Top Corporate Team Workflows

In-house legal teams and business professionals save time (and reduce overhead) by bringing subsidiary management in house.

  • Explore top workflows used by corporate teams across the country.
  • Understand how business professionals utilize cloud-based technology to get more done.
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Managing Corporate Entities

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Managing Corporate Compliance

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Reporting & Analytics

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Automating Manual Process

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Access & Integrations

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Managing Org Charts & Relationships

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