Four Ways Paper Processes Kill Business Growth 

Canadian and American businesses that don’t offer self-serve digital experiences to their clients put their success at risk. In the world we live in today, businesses no longer dictate to customers. Access to cloud-based technology and innovations in integrations have turned the tables - it’s now the clients that hold the power in the relationship. 

1. The People Have Spoken: RIP Paper

Today’s remote workforce has access to a plethora of online services–– from renewing your driver's license to ordering groceries. It’s no wonder that immediate access to information is expected in the office. Who doesn’t want their data fully integrated; increasing speed, convenience, productivity, and security? Subsidiary management services should be available digitally, and at any time. 

2. Lost in Transit: The Snail Mail Inconvenience 

Uber, Amazon, and Domino’s have shown us that simple purchases like taxis and pizza can be tracked online in real-time. It’s not surprising that the idea of sending important documents via traditional mail feels like a never-ending process, especially with easy-to-use, online services at our fingertips. Misplaced documents routed to the wrong department, exposure of sensitive, personal data, and delayed processes are just a few causes for concern. 

3. Appearances (and Experiences) Do Matter 

No business wants to be seen as behind the times - especially when it comes to managing clients’ sensitive entity data in an increasingly competitive market. Using physical minute books and important documents opens up law firms to incredible security risks. With immediate high-speed internet access in the majority of homes in the country, requiring people to fill out paper forms is an inconvenience, not to mention, a poor client experience. By taking advantage of digital self-serve experiences, businesses can remain competitive and innovative. 

4. Paper is the Problem 

Think of the last time you received a paper agreement through the mail. You had to sign it, scan it, find the return address, and go out of your way to mail it back. For “convenience”, you may have signed it and scanned it (or taken a photo), and sent it back via email. However you did it, it was a hassle. Allowing clients to sign documents via eSignature, or complete simple processes online take a lot less time and are much less of a headache. 

Digital self-service experiences, such as eSignature and client-only portals, allow clients to view specific workflows and transactions available to them securely. These types of digital features are at the heart of customer-centric law firms and businesses. 

Athennian’s integration with DocuSign and other self-service tools like virtual minute books, allows Canadian and American law firms and businesses to get documents signed faster, improving productivity and maintaining deadlines.

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