Athennian Ensures Your Data Is Accurately Imported Into Our Platform

Digitize Your Paper Minute Books

A first step to leveraging a modern cloud-based solution is can be to digitize all your paper minute books and corporate records. Athennian’s specialized migration team supports different options for this transfer and is committed to the safe and secure digitization of your documents.

Scan With Our
Trusted Partners

With this option, Athennian will refer you to a trained and trusted scanning partner, chosen specifically for their industry expertise and reputation. Our expert partners deliver accurate and complete digitization, with little needed on your end.

Scan With A
Vendor Of Your Choice

If you choose to source your own scanning vendor, Athennian will support their team in any capacity to secure accurate digitization and compatibility with our software.


If you plan to scan your paper documents in-house, Athennian will equip you with best practices to provide ease and accuracy throughout the scanning process. Our dedicated team will work closely with yours to ensure your format is compatible with an Athennian automate import.

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